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3/11/2005 12:13 pm

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Yet another online presence

I wonder how long till i lose track of all these presences I am making? Anyway, I guess you want to know something about me? Well, I have done almost anything one person can do with another person sexually, except anything involving pain. Never had more than one person either. I used to cam a lot, but now that I am on an ancient PC, I don't. I do have some phtotos from it though.

If you think you can freak me out with your sexual ideas, or experiences, by all means try. I run a masturbation forum, and we have connections with a BBW forum and a 'fetish' forum, so there is probably nothing I have not heard, or thought, of. Take a shot though, by all means.

Funny thing is, in spite of the forums, my personal turnons are simple. Kissing is big for me, and straight sex is plenty. I'm certainly interested in doing more stuff. But I don't NEED it. As long as my partnere is intersted in spending time with me, that is the main thing.

And I think my only real turn offs are closed minded people and those who don't close their mouths when they eat. Well, I think I have stretched your attention span long enough. Thanks for reading.

Oh, one more thing, I am the only Lord Phorse on the internet....

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