Rude and crude in ALL age groups!  

Lookng4RealMan 66F
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8/19/2006 7:57 pm
Rude and crude in ALL age groups!

I should first apologize for my own personal generalizations of younger men. I don't believe I ever verbalized it, but I often thought it.

From the time I joined this site in March, I have received the "Hi. Let's Fuck!" messages that most women here seem to get. Mine were mostly from young guys (under 25) and I kind of chalked it up to immaturity.

However, today I realized these guys come in all age groups. Today a 58 year old man sent me a message: "I'll be in Chicago next Thursday. I'll have a few hours free before my plane leaves. Let's meet for a quick fuck before I have to leave." I don't know this man. Never chatted. Never emailed. Nothing. I replied as politely as I could referring him to Whores R Us. He had the nerve to reply! Telling me he thought NO meant yes and admitted he did not read my profile because it was too long. Ok, I'll admit it's long, but it's honest and it's me. I get wordy sometimes(yeah right only sometimes).

How does a man live to 58 years old thinking that when women say no they mean yes? Before I blocked him I told him if I found any naked women lying around with their legs open waiting for him to come along, I'd send them over.

I also today got an email from a 56 year old man whose profile said he was looking for many things I was not. Including someone with a different body type. Totally different. I am NOT physically fit. I do NOT work out. I tried to politely say no. He had to reply to ask why. I gave him the list after telling him that I really didn't need to share my reasons, but there they were. He wrote back AGAIN. asking why I would not meet him and why I was angry at him for writing to me.

I've come to the sad conclusion that rude and crude does truly come at all age levels. And while I am not attracted to men under 30, older men don't always have maturity either.

I did however spend several hours chatting with a nice 40 something man from Texas today and am more convinced than ever that Texas is where all the nice guys are living. I just wish it weren't so dam hot there!

rm_imakemlaff 63M
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11/27/2006 7:00 pm

I'm laying a golden egg right here...go to the golden egg and smile!

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