I had to cancel my hot date yesterday....  

Lookng4RealMan 66F
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6/18/2006 9:38 am
I had to cancel my hot date yesterday....

and I feel so bad about doing it, but I had a real reason. You see, I take special public transportation due to a slight handicap. A few days ago the new driver didn't give me time to sit down before hitting the gas and I fell flat on the floor of the bus. Now I know, I should have had them call an ambulance so I could be checked out at the hospital. I didn't realize at the time that I could have been hurt. I got up by myself and felt ok. UNTIL the next day. I was so sore when I woke up in the morning, I could barely get out of bed (which is something I never like to do anyway) My arm hurt, my good knee hurt and later that day my back started to hurt in the area of my kidney.

Anyway, when I got up yesterday morning, I still felt physically lousy. It was to be my first sexual encounter with this man and I didn't want to mess it up by feeling so bad. I texted his phone to let him know I had to cancel , since I knew he was on his way to a meeting. I couldn't call because I was so anxious to get out of work Friday, I left my cell on my desk. I also sent him an email to apologize. I feel that I've hurt his feelings and I didn't want that. I hope he forgives me?

pauljames44 73M  
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6/19/2006 5:58 pm

My feelings are not hurt. Just missed the opportunity of the fun we could have had. However, now knowing the actual details of what happened (which, by the way would have been greatly appeciated in the e-mail you sent, rather than reading it in your blog), you did the appropriate thing by staying home.

Besides, our date wouldn't have been much fun for either of us with you in pain and not feeling your best. So take the time to recuperate, and we'll have other opportunities for 'body-mashing.'


Your "hot date"

Lookng4RealMan replies on 6/19/2006 6:36 pm:
Thanks for being so understanding. I really thought I mentioned it Friday night. I guess the pain killers were working better than I thought?

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