The real me  

Looking4Play1971 57M
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5/28/2006 8:13 pm
The real me

After writing my first post, I guess I need to talk about the real me.

To sum it up, I am an ole fashioned erratic, spontaneous person. I believe that all ladies should be treated with respect.....Opening doors, pulling out chairs, you know all those things to make a lady feel special. But I am very, very spontaneous, open-minded. I work hard and play harder. In what little free time I get, I do things off the cuff. Like getting a ticket and flying out to the East Coast, and then letting things happen as they do. I live by structure with my job, I want little structure outside of work. Too much planning, makes for a very boring life, because we all know that things don't always happen the way we plan. I have goals and fight like hell to reach them, but I don't plan each step....I take one at a time.

I am open minded. I get offended when someone tries to hide things, like motives or their true feelings. Why? Be yourself. If it happens it happens, if you click you click. Don't try so damn hard. I have tried, done, and been many places in my life. That makes me, me. I know many ladies (and men) are not inclined to give us older folks a shot. Too bad, you may be missing out on a good friend and/or lover. Someone who has those experiences that could expand yours. But, alas, we are who were are and some things will never change.

Sexually, I believe that we must respect our partner. Many things I love to do may not be acceptable to my partner, so I have to respect that. I want my partner to have the best experience possible. Some times that takes time to understand and learn about them. But as time goes on, it should get better and better. It ain't over until the ultimate orgasm is reached. That is what makes a partnership great, learning and trying.

Personally, I am a smart ass. I have a good sense of humor, tho it may be a bit sarcastic for some. I say what I think, and do what I say. Either some one likes me or hates me. I won't change me, but I do my best to respect that person, and will never attempt to hurt or say anything offensive.....that is unless they piss me off.

Well I think I have said enough.....time to play. You all have a great day and a better night. And remember, just have fun!!!!!!

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