We have all been lied to by our government  

rm_Loocherino 35M
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2/8/2006 5:31 pm

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5/12/2006 12:45 pm

We have all been lied to by our government

It's sad that I'm putting this stuff on AdultFriendFinder but what the hell, someone will read it.

Zionists rule the world. Super-evil, super-selfish Jews. Their descendants created the idea that would over time lead to unlimited money: interest on loans. These people funded Bonaparte to power.

The US funded Al Quaeda. It was set up by the CIA. Why? We like to pay people to do the dirty work for us. Who was their top man? A guy who's family has had ties with the Bush family probably since closely after WW2, Osama Bin Laden.
Prescott Bush was a NY banker who with many other rich super Jews like Rothschild, Meier, Baruch, Schusster, Warburg, Kuhn, Guggenheim, Naymeier (sp?), Schiff, and Seiff. These are men/families who run in the shadows unbeknownst to public, because from these men's wallets flow almost all the events of the world.

Hitler was part Jewish. According to a study conducted in the 1930s by the Austrian government (note...a government has much higher access to resources and information back then, so when the government got information, they got the real information, as all governments do, and not all the people in those countries unfortunately do) found that Hitler was a descendant of one of the Rothschilds.

Flash forward from hitler's birth a few years, when Communism was spreading over Europe. Communism was funded by Jews as an attempt to take over all of Europe. Remember, to make a country communist, you must make everyone a part of the commune. You will then be controlled by the state. Communists occupied Munich for 6 months...Hitler was in Munich then. And...he had medals for his service for Germany in WW1?

Lenin was a Jew. Almost everyone in the russian revolution was jewish. But Lenin was on top. He was put in power to take over Russia. Trotsky was to take over, he married one of the Rothschild's daughters, so he was their man. He gets sick, Stalin takes over, and kills all the people around him (jews who worked for the zionists) therefore cutting him off from the Zionists. He was free!
They get pissed.
In comes Hitler. And Roosevelt. And Churchill. All Jews, or at least 1/4 jewish.

That's enough for today.

ih8usrnames 41M

2/8/2006 6:32 pm

I read it. Maybe Christianity is a Jewish conspiracy too. I mean, Jesus was a Jew and so were all of his disciples.

Heil Jesus!!!!

rm_art_persists 53M
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2/8/2006 8:00 pm

Shit, I'm 1/4 Jewish. You better watch out

rm_eros_khaos 42M

2/8/2006 8:21 pm

Hey man, here's the deal.

If you haven't gotten out of whatever small town you grew up in - get the f**k out as soon as possible. And stop hanging out with whatever simpleton asshole is feeding you all this shit. Life is way too short to be a f**king bigot - going around spreading this stupid-ass Jew conspiracy theory. Shit, I'm not even Jewish and this crap pisses me off - and here's why - because you're wasting your life! You don't have time for this - seriously - you need to be spending your time meeting cool people and doing exciting things. And the thing is, a lot of those cool people you need to meet are Jews.

Somewhere along the line someone who is afraid of Jews because they never met one and needed someone to blame their shitty life on decided to let you in on the biggest cover-up the world has ever seen. Don't fall for that crap - you're too smart for this ridiculous nonsense. Seriously!

Hey, I applaude your questioning of authority. Hell yeah it makes me angry as well that one decade our government is shaking hands with Saddam Hussein and the next they're waging war on him. Everyone needs to hold their government accountable - that's what democracy is all about. And furthermore, it's good to be skeptical - no one should just believe everything that is handed to them. You need to evaluate claims, check for accuracy and educate yourself about topics. Now I'm sure you do all this, right? But let me ask you something - how much of a critical eye have you turned towards the anti-Semitic rhetoric? You don't have to tell me - just be honest with yourself. All this Jewish conspiracy crap has a deep history and if you don't straighten yourself out with it - you are simply the next in line to piss your life away being a bigot because some coward thousand of years ago needed someone to blame for his shitty life too.

So what's it going to be man? Do you really want to spend your life being part of the problem? Just open up the newspaper (and I know you do) - everyone has someone to blame for their problems. Wouldn't you rather be part of the solution? Go out there and educate yourself about the real history, the real problems - only then will you have a shot at finding real solutions. And once you get that all figured out and can pass it on to someone else - well then you just made the world a better place for all of us - now that's something you could be proud of! Do me a favor - just think about it.

rm_Loocherino 35M

2/10/2006 8:00 pm

First comment: The way I see Jesus is he was the one guy who was strong enough to stand up against the tyranny in power, and they killed them. Worse enough, God said people would do it, and warned them that people would do it, and they did it. Maybe it wasn't even the ruling-Jews (I'll use that term, because the powerful back then were Jews) who killed Jesus, maybe someone did, and somewhere in history it was added to the bible unbeknownst to the majority of the Christians (remember for centuries mass was spoken in latin, which most of the poor people who made up most of christianity couldn't speak or read, so how would they know that things were being added?) How do we know that is the real truth and not a falsehood? We've got to find hundreds, no centuries of documents to prove this...which we don't. I honestly feel that the Jews who control the media, and by those I mean the Talmud pushers. Allow me to give you this link:
This 4-parter blew my mind. This guy really knows his stuff. And like everyone who speaks out, he gets royally slandered.

#2. Adam Sandler said "....1/4 Jewish...Not too shabby!"

#3. You have mentioned the very essence of what I want to do. The only way to solve the problem is to fix it yourself. Do you realize that lots of people have thought this, but the tyrannical Zionist Jews, the source of damn near all the suffering in the 20th century, STILL rule lots of countries. Even if the rulers of the countries don't directly pledge allegiance to all those names I listed above, the only reason I posted this in the first place is because in order for the minority of those of us who know the truth to gain strength, we must first increase in numbers! Even this stupid little post will get someone's attention. I've shown my 20 hours of media that I own on this subject alone to most of my friends, among many other things.
Believe me, I will make a difference. Mark my words. Just not now, it's bedtime.

By the way...there's evidence of a concentration camp in France run by Jews (didn't say specifically who, but it was a missionary who noticed that the owners of the place were Jewish bankers) who persecuted severely the people in it: they fed them poorly, treated them harshly, and believe it or not, this one concentration camp became the source of all the holocaust propoganda of the super skinny bodies that we saw. I myself have been to Auschwitz. That's right, I've been there. No lie.
Allow me to introduce
Look for the interviews of Auschwitz top scientist Dr. F. Piper. Then ask yourself, how was anyone ever killed at Auschwitz? Things that I saw, things that I noticed, even years before I was aware of any possibility that my government would ever lie to me, some of them just didn't add up. Like one of the questions I asked myself when I saw some of the exhibits was, "how does that prove the holocaust? That proves something, but not that thousands, if not millions, were killed here?"

Democrats, Republicans, they're all bad. The founding principles of this government were that no one or two political parties would rule everybody, everyone was equally as powerful. But nowadays, to do anything, you need tons of money. And most of us never will have enough money to run for presidency. So how am I going to change the world?

Hmmm....let me get back to you on that

Oh yeah, one last quote..."Anti-semitism is only useful for us Jews."

Crazy_Monkey_Fac 41M
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3/6/2006 11:24 am

Your "Zionist Jews" kick is so funny to read. By this I mean you forgot to mention the "Anti-Zoinist Jewish" factions that existed and exist worldwide, yes there are and will be factions with in Judeaism (sp) over the establishment of Isreal, who was/is aware of this? I know this might be difficult for some to grasp, but there is a difference between anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic. Who wants to state what the difference is?

From 1830 to ~1950's (or maybe latter than 1971 before some state finally repealed the pre-1900 laws) laws in the USA made it legal to kill my antecestors for their religious beliefs. Do you hear me complaing, threating a lawsuit or comming up with a "Jewish" conspirosy theory? None of this from me, but I could waste away my life trying to justify it. Someone has gotten to you with "everything is a conspiracy" theory and you are smarter than this.

Do not waste you life away with conspiracy theories. Live a little and realize those you are lumping into your theory are no different than you or I, we are all humans.

rm_Loocherino 35M

3/6/2006 3:52 pm

I'm only talking about 1/10th of 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of the population. In the damn near 7 billion people on this earth, those that really have their hands on everything is an insanely small level, but their power is undeniable. I say this stuff because 99.99999999% of the world is seemingly unaware of it, or knows all about it and does nothing about it.
Yes there are anti-zionist jewish factions. Many Jews consider it a grave sin to form the Jewish homeland without the second coming of the Jewish Messiah. Christians believe it was Jesus, Jewish people don't think he was the one they are looking for. But to establish a Jewish homeland before their Messiah goes against just about everything the Old Testament was leading to. Go to and you'll have all the things you need.
I'd bet any amount of money that there are Jewish people out there that feel the EXACT same way I feel and are sick of the fact that most of the world's anti-semitism stems from the fact that the Zionist Jews soured the world's taste for Jewish people in general.
Are we Christians any different? We've been bombarded with movies like The Siege and constant news reports of suicide bombings for years and now a lot of people have general animosity towards Arabic people. There were thousands of Arabs being attacked or harassed by caucasian americans in the months after 9/11...were these people who were here well before the attack responsible for 9/11? No way, they couldn't have possibly been responsible, but there is far too much ignorance out there. I put this stuff in a blog because you know what? This isn't the only outlet out there that I'm using for this information. I put it on here just to reach as many people as possible.
Love me or hate me, I'm just as American as you are.

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