Sometimes you feel like a nut..  

LongStrokingUrt 43M
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1/24/2006 12:37 am

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8/30/2006 8:41 am

Sometimes you feel like a nut..

Every now and then as I'm sitting letting my mind wander to things that feel good, it always somehow comes back to sex. Sometimes its a laid back like, " It'd be nice to play with somebody right now." And then you have those moments where you want to find a very nice, freaky, bisexual tigress and basically fuck the shit out of each other. You can smell it on each other when you meet, and its intense. The closer you get to one another, the quicker you breath, until you can't help but jump each other. Thinking like this is what makes me want to take a woman, and first and foremost, run these fat ass lips all across her pussy lips and then take my tongue and suck her clit in a clockwise motion, all the while pinching your nipples from below and listening to you make them oh so sweet sounds .

As you can see, I tend to let my imagination run wild, but when it does, it can be downright vivid. As vivid as me having you on the edge of the bed on your back with your legs on my chest and upper torso, going deep in you. Savoring every stroke like its my last but its just for starters. We got business to take care of tonight Mami. Then turning you over and longstroking you doggie style on the edge of the bed as well. Then I climb in the bed and put you on your side with one leg in the air while I stroke you deep and play with your clit with my left hand. Then when I want to fuck you harder, grab your left breast in my hand and give it to you hard and deep so that when we both bust here shortly, it'll be intense....breathing hard. Saying oh shit and oh fuck...damn...twist something up and get ready to do it again.

I want to lick a lucky woman from top to bottom later on this week..anybody in?

almondgirl26 38F

6/10/2006 6:58 pm

Caught my couldn't help but to speak.damn luv you are a man who knows what he wants which is good cause some of them are very confused.It's nice to see at least one knows whatthe fuck todo with some pussy.

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