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So yesterday I was having one of THOSE days ... you know the ones, the kind where you begin to question why it is you get up every single morning and pull your boots on to even go to work? I got to my last job and ran into an old friend I haven't thought about for a couple years. She was as gorgeous as ever. I hate that.

She was the friend that was so close that we had a weird sexual tension between us, but never really acted on it. She always has someone when I don't and vice versa. Seeing her popped up some long buried things I had in my head, just a memory or two that are so vivid I can taste them.

She's a beautician. A very good one. She used to color my hair once a month. We would sit and laugh for hours about the crap in our lives, both of us joking from time to time that when the time was right we were going to hook up and it would be fireworks. They were only jokes ... spoken through looks at one another that said "I'm kidding ... yeah right".

The last time I saw her was for a late, after work coloring. She was single and I was hoplessly devoted to the wrong girl, as usual ... another story entirely ... so of course, this time I wasn't ready to give in. I leaned back in the chair as she massaged the water through my hair, getting it ready for washing. She normally had an assistant do this for her, but in my case she always made the time to do it herself. The last girl wandered out as she finally got me wet enough to shampoo, leaving us all alone. We talked as usual, but she took a long time with the washing. Scrubbing my scalp gently, more playing than working I think. Finally after she finished massaging the shampoo in, it was time for the rinse and dry. She leaned as far over the sink as she could trying to get me clean and finally just decide to plop right over me.

She straddled me easily enough, running her fingers to get the rest of the shampoo out smiling devilishly. I sure did notice her figure from my point of view. God she was sexy. Was I stupid not to go after her? She's older than me by ten years. I love that. I knew the one I was "with" was a doomed deal anyway, why was I bothering? Who knows, apparently mental retardation is not only something you're born with. It develops too.

As all of this was running through my head, I was suddenly stricken by horror. I was VERY aroused by her. I usually was. This time was different, she noticed it too. As soon as it popped up, she was very aware. Her expression changed suddenly from playful smile to serious surprise. I didn't know what was next, but I sure hoped she wasn't angry. She didn't climb off. Where was this going? My mind raced, what to say ... what to say? Instead of moving, she continued to rub the shampoo free from my hair gently, quietly. She didn't adjust her weight off of my obvious erection either. Instead she pressed into me as she worked, smiling silently. Awkward? Oh yeah.

She pressed her near perfect, pert little breasts against my chest as she finished up. Finally rinsing off the last of the shampoo, she reached down and cranked the chair up a bit to let me sit back up, but kept me pinned in the chair. She looked me dead in the eyes and got her face ever so close to mine, as close to a kiss as you can get without performing the act. Sparks were everywhere, you could feel them as real as your own fingertips. She smiled and ground herself on me tightly, biting her bottom lip. Pushing my hands against her body suddenly, she turned her hips slowly, baring down on me heavily. We continued to look each other in the eyes until she finally leaned her head back a bit and clenched hers tightly. She shook for a few seconds and bit her bottom lip hard. Her eyes clenched shut and she moaned as if trying to hold it all in. It was beautiful. She then looked in my eyes and all she said was "wow."

She coyly got up and moved me over to her chair, finishing my color with happy conversations about things as usual. Never once speaking of that little moment. We still haven't done anything more than that. I hate that.

LongHairRkr 46M

9/8/2006 7:54 am

    Quoting rm_TheMiataBrat:
    "She pressed her near perfect, pert little breasts...."

    The man that post on the BIG TITS GROUP?
    Something is not right here.
Yeah, yours aren't pressed up against me yet.

I like ALL breasts darlin. Big ones are nice, but it's all about the girl they're attached too.

DiscreetDelights 51F

9/15/2006 2:25 am

"She was the friend that was so close that we had a weird sexual tension between us, but never really acted on it."

I acted on it and look what happened...

<~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY BITCH

LongHairRkr 46M

9/15/2006 12:55 pm

lmao .. now she's dating a cop and I'm married ... figures. lmao!!

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