Life, Liberty and the pursuit if Lust  

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12/29/2005 8:50 am

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Life, Liberty and the pursuit if Lust

I feel good today, the holiday confusion behind me. The longer days are such a high for me. I KNOW its still winter but every day is a little bit longer, how can that not make you feel good!
Its easy to put on an extra sweater but you can never make it lighter longer.
I was outside so much all week, stalking in the woods, I found tons of deer poop, there is hope. Hallelujah FOOD!!
Today is so foggy, like being in a Care Bare movie, walking around in the clouds, how cool is that!!

I feel lusty today, Sometimes I get those moods when I can be nasty, Just take a man and have my way, MY WAY, I would gobble the poor soul up.
Lay him on the bed
Get out the massage oil... I love to start at the feet, rub toes, every now and then, a little kiss, a little nibble, here and there.
Then massage the calves, inside the knee, sliding my oily hands up and down, stealing touches, nibbles, nips,
Working my hands up to the thighs, such strong beautifully hard thighs. I can feel the masculine hardness under my hands, is there anything more wonderful then a beautiful man, as I sit at the computer I feel my muscles deep in my cunt start to ache, start to need, in my mind I feel how the legs go to the mans cock, soft now because he is so relaxed.Waiting for its turn,
I trail my oily finger down it gently. I brush my nose and face across his belly languishing on his scent, feeling his sides with my hands,
I tear my self away from his cock area and feel the length of his arms, the strength, the hardness of his flesh drives me crazy, the strong arms and tight skin compared to my soft, weak body, I take my mouth to his neck,just to skim over is neck and ears , breathing him, smelling him , tasting him, a kiss and I go back down to a place I will stay.
I take my tongue and gently touch him with the tip by his balls and go from bottom to top softly he can barely feel it, then I blow warm air where I have wet him. I go back to his balls and lick him gently as he starts to get harder, tracing around the base of his cock with my tongue burying myself in his scent.
I start to lick more insistently from the bottom to the top his skin getting tighter and his body tensing, next I lick all around the base of his head, sometimes my tongue is pointed, sometimes its flat, I am wanting his prick inside my hot,wet mouth,He tastes so good, I hear him moaning loader and loader, I wet the top with my soft tongue and put the head in my mouth,he gasps. One hand holding the base and fondling his balls and one hand rubbing his belly, I suck little milking sucks still gentle, wet, I'm just getting started, I Darn.. I have to go take a shower...Can someone finish this for me, You know who you are...

keithcancook 61M
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12/29/2005 9:38 am

After reading this I feel pretty good today myself...

SpaceRangerNJ 56M
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12/29/2005 12:55 pm

Well now my lonely one, you and Miss [post 185048] are going to have to tag team. Oh to have you both under my desk; heaven.

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