Thursday night, continued...  

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8/10/2006 7:10 pm

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Thursday night, continued...

10 August 2006. Fifth Entry: "Well, that was expected..."

I seem to have recovered well. Of course, I didn't have much to drink or anything. Nothing special to say about my B-day. It was nice, went bowling and all.

Ah yes, Thursday...remember that redhead? Yea- Fake phone number. Remember her friend that I work with? TOTAL JOKE SET UP.WE all got a real nice laugh about it, too. Oh, wait...I don't think that's funny. Well, par for the course I guess. Honestly, it's better this way. She's going to SD, and her friend I'll never see again. Good riddance, I say.

Back to the old drawing board, methinks...

My friend (the the earlier posts for more details) is planning on taking me out tomorrow night. I'm not expecting too terribly much except a nasty hangover and having to drive him and girlfriend-de jour home. Or I might get lucky. Who knows?

Still no luck finding anything but spammers on AdultFriendFinder. Did have a run in with the ever-so-rare "smart spammer". They E-mail you on AdultFriendFinder a couple of times and every time they say "I can't read your message...", etc. Then they have you E-mail them and you get some long drawn out message about how they "have so much trouble on AdultFriendFinder" and "need to confirm my identity"...give me a break. It links to a porn site just like EVERYONE ELSE.

But I digress...

So I'm getting ready to go back to college. I'm thinking this semester I'm going to try to talk to alot more people. Figure the worst I'll get is ignored, and at best- well, you know...

Mmmmmmm...birthday cake time.


prairieflyer 50M

10/15/2006 8:53 pm

Wow. I've just read your blog and I think you might be a little more pitiful than I was when I was younger. You having any luck at all?

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