Thursday, 7th July 2005  

LondonDerriere 37F
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7/12/2005 1:00 pm

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Thursday, 7th July 2005

Just wanted to say, and I'm sure many of you will agree, that my thoughts and sympathies are with the families who lost loved ones and anyone else who was caught up in the horrific events in London last week.

(T )

7/12/2005 3:21 pm

I'd just like to add mine to those of Shelley's. Even on a site like this, I'm sure there will be will be many who feel the same way.

donnie157 60M

7/12/2005 4:43 pm

Absolutely, English friends & peace loving people, everywhere... Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Especially the "true heros" who where just trying to get to work that morning.

rm_handle5450 67M

7/13/2005 2:35 pm

Well done Shell,
Those deaths certainly make you think of living for the day as we never know what is ahead of us. If we can make our views felt no matter what the subject then this site will have achieved something.
Keep safe.

rm_wodahs69 31M
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7/13/2005 8:14 pm

God bless

Love2meetu16 63M
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7/17/2005 3:07 pm

Shelly, you are a truly beautiful woman with a warm heart. Totally agree with your sentiments on those mad lunatics who destroyed so many lives.Tom

ahandfulforu 60M

7/18/2005 11:04 am

Simply could not agree more. Just try to imagine, if that is possible for anyone not there, the horror of being caught in an explosion in the dark of an underground tunnel - not knowing what happened, where to go, how to get there. There have been many horrific acts all over the world, not least in Northern Ireland, with so many totally innocent persons killed, maimed and injured and the hurt to their families. It is difficult to find appropriate words for the perpetrators, but their victims are deserving of all our support.

Juvefans 46M
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7/28/2005 4:08 am

I'm sympathy for people of London. Peace on earth. Let work hand in hand to destroy all kind of terrorism.

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