An Introduction  

LondonDerriere 38F
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3/16/2005 2:17 pm

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5/29/2012 11:47 am

An Introduction

You'll get used to my strange moods, honest.

A number of people have asked me what I'm doing on this site, the view being that I should be able to pick and choose whom I want without having to resort to something as 'seedy' as an 'Online Knocking Shop'.

Well, the truth is, quite simply, I enjoy sex, with both men and women and this site gives me a chance to chat to and meet with (and yes, have sex with) people whom I might not ordinarily come across in my daily life.

I’ve always had a high sex drive. I gave my first blow-job when I was 14, lost my virginity when I was 15 and, by the time I reached 16, was already into double figures and had experienced other girls as well as the joys of anal and group sex.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. I hate to think how many partners I’ve had in the last 10 years but I stopped counting long before I’d left school (and yes, some of my teachers, and they weren’t all men, were in that total) and now that I'm a student... Well, need I say more?

You can call me a nympho. You can call me a slut. You can call me whatever you like; it doesn’t matter to me. As I said before, I enjoy sex, I’m having a lot of fun and so are the people that I spend my days and nights with. I don’t judge anyone and, if you want to judge me then that’s up to you; I guess you just won’t be my type.

The age of my partners is not important although I do like them to be older than me. I like my partners to be experienced and able to teach me new things (yes, that is still possible). I won’t turn someone down just because they’re younger than me though, and sometimes I enjoy being the teacher.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into my mind and I hope that you’ll come back and read whatever else I post on here from time to time.



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3/16/2005 7:58 pm

I have to remove you from my network...I can't face looking at what I can't have.

Your beautiful.

I tried
I failed
Til next time....) ; ivannblue2005

donnie157 61M

3/16/2005 11:04 pm

~WOW~ You're amazing! Can't wait for the next installment.

ExcitedSenses 40M

3/16/2005 11:30 pm

now you sound just right. c'mon let's play

rm_St_Luke 49M
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3/17/2005 3:01 am


You are a rare creature. Yes of course you are seen as depraved anda slut. Anyone on this site suggesting that is a pure hypocrite! You have taken a firm grip. You sound clear headed and absolutely at ease with what you are, this of course makes you even sexier! Most guys must look at you and weep! I leave you this, as I am unable to mail you (cupid doesn't rate our match!?). I have opened up standards access, try me on AdultFriendFinder or just drop me a note. Till then, my mind takes me on a virtual trip of every curve an crevice. X§

LondonDerriere 38F
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3/17/2005 9:46 am

I hadn't disappeared D-H, I'd just been busy. Hectic social life, you know how it is lol. Oh, that and the small matter of exams that are looming ever nearer.

Just where is a girl supposed to find the time to fit it all in (as it were <grin>?


3/17/2005 12:08 pm

I had immediately the impression you were special but the blog really gave me the proof of you being a fantastic young woman able to live freely and behind and above the stupidity of conventions....Continue to be yourself, Shelley, for the sake of all are fresh and sincere and true to your feelings....and this help everybody to live in a better world....
the italianlover

(T )

3/17/2005 2:53 pm

What can I say other than, if you're ever in Edinburgh and need a place to stay, I offered first lol.


rm_St_Luke 49M
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3/18/2005 5:08 pm

I feel like I have been mining for years, mud, slake and granite. The gold rush has bruised my knuckles and heart, my back is scratched, beard untrimmed, skin coked in tar dust, eyes red with grit. I feel powerful, muscles shudder. I know I’m close, the yellow glowing oasis shimmers at the edge. But alas I find I am not the first. I will not add mine to the stratospheric testimonials from those who wish and those who, by the rights of all the gods, have. I stand poised, before the 200 caret gold nugget lodged, axe in hand... will this jewel be mine. No journey would be to great. No travail too tough.

Took this out of your testimonials. Thought you might like it here... or maybe there or in this? Hhmmm...X

Thanks for hiding my email address!

LondonDerriere 38F
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3/19/2005 6:21 am

I didn't hide yor e-mail, St. Luke, AdultFriendFinder did.

As for the rest, I like it anywhere lol.

Shelley xx

Smouldering_Eyes 44F
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3/23/2005 1:21 pm

I could always offer too if you'd rather have a soft, female body beside you rather than these typical rutting blokes lol.

Actually, you could do worse than T and I've tacitly promised DH that I'll get to him before I'm 40 (that means I can only fob him off for another 3205 days!!!)

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8/22/2005 8:52 am

hey babe i think your are so fucking hot and amazing you truly turned me one whilst reading your stories and it would be my dream to fuck your brains out for hours and hours! so will you make my dream come true ?? please dont deny my dream babe you are too dam hot !!!

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