Distractions to a faithful fight  

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8/22/2005 12:17 am

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Distractions to a faithful fight

The tried and true road or the new and unexplored?
This is the question in my mind every time i meet a new good looking woman.
The woman i am with now i have been with for 3 years off and on (faithful while on...unfaithful but uncounting when off).
Before i was ever with this woman i was a whore. I have been with 60+ women in roughly 3 years of an actively pursued sex life.
One might think that after that many women i wouldnt be so interested in exploring still, but women never get tiring to me. The challenge of conquering a woman is one of the largest thrills in life.
For the men (and maybe even some of the women) have you ever looked at an absolutely atractive member of the opposite sex (or same sex for the bi and homo) and just wondered how long it would take before you got them in bed? Never at any point thinking that perhaps you would fail if you tried. Having absolute certainty that if you pursued this person you would succeed at getting them into bed.
I have made bets in a more dishonourably past as to whether i could get a woman to think she was falling in love with me within 2 weeks. FYI i never lost.

ANYWAY.....so at this point you think i am either bragging or an asshole. LOL..probably both but neither my intent.

The point of all of this is to familiarize you with who i have been and how i have thought so you can relate or attempt to empathize.

So to continue...I am dating someone that i care a great deal for but every day feels like a constant fight to stay faithful to her.
What is it in me that makes me so tempted by the challenge? Could it perhaps be a deep seated lack of self confidence turned into an attempt to proove my worth and gain satisfaction in sexual conquests? Or maybe i am just a nympho and dont know it.

It just always seems as though women as such beautiful and elegant beings, with their never ending patience and acceptance can offer moments of not only sexual bliss but mental escape and peace while in their arms and pressed against their naked bodies as well as intertwined with their emotional spiritual beings.

Is it that i love women in general or have some deep seated psychological problem where perhaps i actually hate them and thus is the reason why i see them as a prize? OR ...perhaps i just think too damn much and should shut up and get to fukin more. LMAO.

Anyways just some food for thought for all those people who want to know some of the inner workings of a truely disturbed mind. Can you relate? Perhaps you are just as disturbed. What do you think?

Drop a line and lay down some brain waves on this topic of fighting to stay faithful but oh so distracted.

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