The Best Democracy That Corporate Lobyists Can Buy  

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8/25/2005 11:23 am

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The Best Democracy That Corporate Lobyists Can Buy

I saw this sign on a recent trip and have pondered it ever since.

As a resident of the US, I am contemplating citizenship. I am continually taken aback at the blatant undue influence lobbyists have on this nation. I cannot understand why this continues even though everyone I talk to seems concerned about it. I know that both parties are responsible for accepting their largess, and deserve equal blame.

The other issue that drives me wild is the bipartisan gerimandering that occurs. I guess this is to ensure job security. I am not interested in this, I am interested in the congressman upholding the interests of the electorate, not changing the electorate to fit theirs.

This institutional corruption makes me skeptical of any form of democracy, is this so ingrained in the system that it will not change? I am not against politicians receiving their due, but not at the expense of my potential vote. It really makes me so angry, and I am still not a citizen.


8/25/2005 1:45 pm

Hey don't let your lack of citizenship stand in your way. Depending on where you live many States don't require proof of citizenship to vote, nor are you required to show I.D. at the
polling station. I know because my non-citizen wife did it.

Unfortunatley to play in the game of democracy a politician must first get elected. This takes money. No matter how idealisitic a politician starts out, to survive he/she must find financial supporters and they will expect a return on their investment. Everyone always complains about corporate donantions, but just as corrupting are the Union donnations.

The other corrupting influence is that to stay in office one must deliver something to someone. It is not always to big business interests or the unions. Just as often it is some benefit or program that will buy votes. Neither party wants to touch illegal immigration because the hispanic vote has become pivitol to every election, in spite of the fact that most Americans are upset by their complacency but neither party cares.

After all no matter what is done, conservatives only have the Republican party and progressives only have the Democrats so basically they those votes are locked in.

It really sucks, but what is the alternative? A parlimentary system? That is even worse in my opinion, with it coalitions you never no what you will get.

I think it was Sir Winston Churchil who said, "Democracy is the worst of all systems except for the rest".

Welcome to America!

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