Had several requests for another story.. Hope ya like this one..  

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9/27/2005 5:54 pm
Had several requests for another story.. Hope ya like this one..

"The Office Visit"
I see you in the door way, you are motioning for me to come inside.
I grab a blanket from the back seat and head toward the door. You have disappeared into the office and are waiting for me.
As soon as I walk thru the door of the office you grab me and kiss me passionately, forcing me back against the door I just came thru. I feel you reach behind me and turn the lock.
I dropped the blanket I was carrying when you grabbed, you release me, pick it up and take my hand and lead me deeper into the dark office.
You lay the blanket on the desk and turn to me, pulling me into your arms you whisper how much you have missed me and start kissing me again roughly and passionately.
You place your hands on the side of my face and slowly slide them around to my neck, down onto my shoulders, and then lower still until you are cupping my aching breasts in your strong hands. You lightly run your fingertips over my nipples making them hard and tight. They are so sensitive to your touch. You lift my blouse and nuzzle my nipples thru my bra. My nipples are so hard the rings are sticking straight out thru the thin fabric. I can feel you tugging on them as you lick on my nipples. You pull my right breast out of the cup and take the nipple fully into your mouth, I arch my back forcing more of me onto your mouth and moan softly. You are still tormenting my other breast.
I am getting so hot and wet that I can feel the moisture seeping from my cunt.
You pull me back into your arms and kiss me deeply, rubbing and caressing my back.

As we break apart, breathing heavier, I whisper that I want to taste you. I slide down your body to my knees and start to work on loosening your belt. You are kneading my shoulders and softly sighing as I brush against your throbbing cock. I unbutton your slacks and slide the zipper down ever so slowly, letting the teeth lightly caress you. I pull your pants down and nuzzle you thru your underwear making you moan softly. Then I pull them down as well and watch your hard, hot dick emerge in front of my eyes. I look up at your face and thru the darkness I can see that you are smiling down at me, waiting…
I run my tongue along the underside of your shaft from base to head and smile as you tremble slightly. When I reach the head I relax my jaws and swallow you down to your balls, sucking and licking as I pull back. I run my tongue around the head of your sweet, hot dick. You moan and lightly place your hand on the side of my head as though trying to encourage me.
I continue to deep throat you making you twitch and moan, sucking and licking while riding your cock with my mouth. I want to taste your delicious cum. I want to feel it shooting into my eager mouth and down my throat as I try to catch a taste on my tongue. However I want you inside me more….
I lay down on the blanket that I quickly spread out and pull you down on top of me.
You slide my skirt up and over my hips, smiling to yourself when you realize that I am not wearing any panties. You lean down and whisper to me, “Very sexy, I love having you ready and waiting for me” Using my right hand I guide you into my hot tight, dripping snatch. You flex your hips and in one thrust fill me. I scream in pleasure as I feel the head of your big hard pulsating cock strike my g-spot.
You continue to slide in and almost pull all the way out of me, my pussy walls clenching and unclenching as I race toward an orgasm. You begin to rotate your hips and lift my left leg onto your shoulder allowing you to penetrate my quivering cunt even deeper. I am rocking back against you in time to your thrusts, enjoying the feel of your public hair rubbing against my clit and piercing, the friction taking me higher and closer to an orgasm.
You push me right to the edge then back off, teasing me. You slow your pace and begin
tormenting me. You whisper that you want to see me play with my clit while you fuck me. I lower my hand to my clit and begin to masturbate. I can feel my cunt walls tightening around your dick even more, you moan as you feel it as well. As I diddle my hard little nub, I begin to moan and squirm. Rocking against you harder and harder until you lose the last little bit of control you had left. You grab my wrists and force my hands over my head and start fucking me like a wild man. Sliding into me hard and fast, striking my g-spot with every thrust. I scream out in pleasure as I lightly bite your shoulder. My screams, bites, and the feeling of me climaxing on your throbbing penis, force you over the edge. You slam into me one final time before exploding inside me. The feeling of your cum shooting deep inside me triggers yet another intense orgasm. I am bucking and rocking against you trying to urge you deeper still. You continue holding my wrists over my head as you lean down to take a nipple into your mouth. You suckle roughly on my breast as I finish riding out the waves for my orgasm.
You release my hands as you kiss me deeply. I slide my arms around your waist and pull you closer into my embrace, purring as I feel you twitch inside me. I slowly run my nails up your back and I begin to feel your dick responding to my touch.
You pull out of me and spin around getting into the 69 position. I raise my head and take your semi-hard cock into my mouth. Sucking gently on you I taste the combined flavors of our cum and moan. I feel you tickling my clit lightly with your tongue as you begin to nibble on my swollen pussy lips. You gently bite on my clit, making me squirm trying to get my pussy closer to your tantalizing tongue.
You are rocking your hips against me, slowly fucking my mouth. I pull back and nibble on your head, making you groan into my hot little pussy. The vibrations make me moan.
You stand up and pull me to my feet as well. You kiss me deeply allowing me to taste more of my pussy juices on your lips and tongue.
You lead me over to the desk. You help me perch on the edge of the desk as you sit in the chair behind it. You softly speak to me “Play with yourself, I want to watch you to make yourself come before I fuck you again”.
I happily oblige. I slide across the desk until I am laying with my pussy aiming toward you, the heels of my pumps braced on the arms of your chair. I smooth my skirt out of the way so you can see everything I do. I open my blouse and lift my plump aching breasts out of my black lacy bra. I lightly brush my fingertips across my hard nipples, arching my back as I feel the little current of sexual energy run down my spine. I run the fingers of my other hand up and down the slit of my scorching pussy lips. Teasing you slightly as I know how much you love to watch. Suddenly I open my pussy lips up and slide 2 fingers deep into my cunt. Hunching on my own fingers I begin to rub my clit with my thumb. Knowing that I have your full attention I can feel my orgasm start to build. You lean forward and give my pussy a little lick to let me know that you are enjoying the show. I am humping my hand faster and faster as I continue to tease my clit and nipples. My head is rolling form side to side as I feel myself starting to tighten around my fingers. Suddenly I am cumming. You stand up and pull my hand out of the way as you slide your rock hard dick deep inside me. I squeal loudly as the pressure of you inside me forces another orgasm.
I am still climaxing as you slide me off the desk and sit down in the chair with me on your lap, your dick still hard inside of me. You kiss me passionately and whisper in my ear how much you enjoyed my little show. You fondle my breasts as I rock on your massive cock. Riding you slowly, torturing both of us. You slide your hands down to my ass and begin to squeeze my checks. Remembering what you did to me earlier I grab your wrists and raise your arms over your head and hold them to the top of the chair.
You make fake attempts to get loose, wiggling your hips and thrusting deeper into me.
I am starting to bounce harder and faster as I guide us toward yet another set of orgasms. I am licking and nibbling on your neck, feeling you twitch and grind up against me. You take my right breast into your mouth as I continue to ride you. I arch my back forcing my breast deeper into your hot mouth and allowing you to have deeper penetration with each thrust. I am leaning further and further back as I fuck myself with you hard cock. My pussy walls begin clenching tighter and tighter around you. I release your hands and you grab me by the waist and start forcing me up and down on you.
You stand and lay me back on the desk, raising my legs to your shoulders and leaning forward to suck on my hard little nipples.
You are now fucking me with hard little jabs, knowing that this drives me insane.
I am holding onto the edge of the desk and slamming myself back against you.
We both cry out in pleasure as our orgasms hit us simultaneously. You are holding onto my thighs and pulling me against you as you continue to cum. Grinding yourself against me as my pussy muscles milk you dry. You collapse on top of me as you slowly lower my trembling legs. You kiss me, and moan softly “God, I needed that. I love it when you visit.” I chuckle and reply, “So do I.”

scottdammit11 54M

9/28/2005 2:05 pm

Never had the word "diddle" been so powerfully erotic. I need a smoke...and I quit years ago! Thanks for bringing back good ol' steamy erotica...

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