A Stormy Night  

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4/9/2005 8:30 pm

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A Stormy Night

One Stormy Night

Its raining outside...lightning every couple minutes, the thunder is deafening. You are waiting for me to come through the door. I called and told you that I had a flat and was soaking wet. You ran and filled the whirlpool with hot water and plenty of bubbles. You hear the door open. I walk in, soaking wet from head to toe; you lead me lovingly to the ready bath. You slowly help me out of my wet clothes. I step into the hot bath with a sigh. You excuse yourself to the bedroom, quickly dispensing with the clothes that bind you, slipping on a silk robe just before you reappear in the bathroom. As you walk up to the tub, your robe falls open, exposing your luscious breasts; you seductively slip it off your shoulders and step into the tub with your man. We caress each other as the passion builds. Finally we can contain our passion no longer...........................

As we are face to face I kiss your lips ever so lightly while your fingertips caress my chest. "Close your eyes", you tell me as you very gently kiss my face, my forehead and make your way down to my neck, while hearing my breathing become more intense. I groan as you carefully ease your way onto my lap, letting your breasts press against my chest. Your mouth finds mine and our deep passionate kisses explode. You raise your moist body up, just enough and then lower yourself down onto me with anticipation. Our movement creates slow and gentle motion in the water, splashing over the edge. My lips find your breasts as you moan with pleasure. As our passion intensifies, my mind can hardly believe the pleasure that my body is enduring. Deeper and deeper we plunge into ecstasy. At the unmistakable moment of climax, I wrap my arms around you, holding you tightly against my chest. As we lay together, I look deeply into your eyes and there are no words needed.

We must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms. I awaken and gently lift you up and carry you to our love nest. As I gently lay you down, your eyes open and a beautiful smile appears on your glowing face. You beckon me closer and as our lips press together you reach up and pull me down on top of your glistening, hot and steaming body. I slowly start kissing your cheeks and then move gently to your neck. You moan with pleasure as my tongue finds its way toward your right breast. Your body begins to writhe with anticipation as my lips find your rock hard nipple. You lift your body up to meet my mouth as I start sucking ever so softly and slowly increasing the suction as you convulse in ecstasy. Then I slowly make my way to your left breast. Your hips began to move rhythmically with mine as the anticipation builds. Slowly I work my way down to your belly button pausing to tantalize you with gentle kisses and a flickering tongue. Your hips begin to rise and fall with an increasing tempo as I continue on in my quest for your total satisfaction. With your right hand you are gently caressing your breast, squeezing your nipples, first one, and then the other as your moaning increases. With your left hand you guide my head to find the sweet nectar that is flowing from within. My passion increases as I get nearer and nearer to enjoying the taste that I have so longed for. As I work my way around slowly kissing your inner thighs you almost forcefully draw me to the source of your sweetness. As my tongue strains to reach the depth of your nest your body quivers with the first of what will be several orgasms. You pull me around so that you may share in this exchange of pleasure. As I continue to drive my tongue deeper and deeper into you, I feel you beginning to return the favor to me. As we continue in this position you drive me so far into ecstasy that I become more like a lust-crazed animal than human. You start to beg me take you now, reluctantly I move back around to where we are again face-to-face. You reach between our sweat soaked bodies and guide my maleness into your hot, wet love box. I plunge deep as our bodies seem to meet in mid air. Back and forth our bodies move in perfect harmony as the animal lust increases to a point of no return, building to a shattering climax that is so close you can feel it through every fiber of your being. Our tongues are intertwined, as we stay locked into an embrace of unbridled passion. Simultaneously our bodies begin to quiver, and then shake as we both have the most intense orgasm that we have ever experienced. Slowly, we float back to the present; we continue to embrace each other as if it is a moment that can never end. As I look into your eyes, you whisper that you love me. With that, our exhausted bodies again fall into a deep sleep.......................


I wake up and feel for you, but you’re not there. The sheets have a lingering scent of passion, and suddenly I remember. With my finger, I reach down and feel the wet treasure of the night before and bring it to my lips. I taste the sweetness of our love, and moan in remembrance. My lips are swollen, and my breasts still pink from your attention. A new fountain of nectar flows, as my desire for you wells. I close my eyes, and touch myself….and softly moan. My nipples harden as the movements of the cool sheets stimulate them. I call your name, begging you to come back to bed...but you don’t hear me. I slip on my satin teddy top….the outline of my hardened nipples shining through…and pad out to the kitchen to find you. You are pouring water into the coffee pot and the sound of the running tap drowns out the sound of my approach. You’re wearing your jockeys and an old tee shirt. I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. I whisper in your ear that I want you to close your eyes, without opening them, because I have a surprise for you. I lead you toward the bedroom, but just at the entrance, I stop and whisper again in your ear. I tell you what I’m going to do to you...how I’m going to bring you more pleasure than you’ve ever known. I trace my tongue along your cheek until I reach your mouth...I feel your tongue licking across my lips..my mouth opens against yours and your tongue darts in teasing mine...I suck your tongue deep in my mouth and capture it..you moan,and I press my body close to yours. You feel my nipples hard against you..and then my mouth leaves yours.

Slowly I remove your tee shirt...and as I do, and the skin is exposed...I kiss..every inch.of your chest, neck, arms…. Your eyes are still closed. I kneel, to the floor, and kiss your feet, and linger there. I wrap my arms around your legs and draw them close to my breast. My tongue caresses your legs and my lips find your inner thighs and I nibble there. My breasts brush against your legs as I move up. I remove your shorts, and as I do, I run my lips and tongue over your manhood. It’s already erect, and I feel it pulsating with desire. I look up at you and encourage you once more to keep your eyes closed. I tell you I want to feel you in my mouth, and you say, “only for a little bit”. I wrap my lips around your manhood, and take it in to my ready mouth and taste the foretaste of what is to come. I feel you hard, and throbbing…and you move slowly in and out...not letting me have it all. We both moan…and you beg me to let you take me. “Not yet”, I reply.” My nipples harden again...and my nectar flows. I reach down and capture some of it...and bring it to your lips…your eyes still closed. You taste me…and at the point, you explode in my mouth and take me by surprise. The taste of you, brings me to such ecstasy, that I too, orgasm, and waves and waves of sweet surrender fall upon me. I hear you moaning and crying out to me...and feel your legs weaken as you pull away from me.

You reach down, eyes now open, wild desire in them…and scoop me into your arms and carry me into the bedroom and onto the edge of the bed. You raise my arms over my head...and hold me there...your hands on mine, as your mouth devours my face...I feel your mouth on my neck...knowing when you do this…it drives me to the brink...I feel your breath in my ear...your tongue teasing it….then…your tongue drives into my mouth...and in wild abandon...you kiss me…hard.

It feels as though our tongues have discovered their own fervor, the stirring within begins to build. With butterfly kisses, I slowly trace the outline of your perfect lips moving on down to your chin. You start to arch your head back giving me total freedom to tantalize your neck with my heat seeking tongue! Deliberately, I trail down your chin, saturating you neck with my love. You raise your upper body to meet my embrace, your nipples, hardened and at attention they beckon me closer and closer! As I tease them, first one and then the other, you cry out for me to suck them. I gently obey, but you are not satisfied with a gentle suction. No, you beg me to suck harder and harder and harder as your moaning intensifies. I release the suction upon your swollen breast as I continue toward the treat that cries out for my attention. The reward awaits me, I must work my way to the source of sweetness.

As I approach the prize your moaning intensifies. You begin to ask, no beg for me to bury my face in your nest. My nostrils are stimulated with the aroma of our lovemaking. My tongue finds your clitoris. I gently take it into my mouth, sucking one minute, stroking with my tongue the next. The pressure builds within your loins as I take to heights that you have never experienced before. As you begin to raise your hips to meet my tongue, you place your hands on the back of my head, pressing my face even deeper into your love nest. Your body begins to move wildly as you build to but one more explosive climax. I drive you to the point of no return and with a blood curdling scream your body begins to convulse as your sweet nectar covers my face………….

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mmm yummy story... and BTW.. nice handle..

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