something fell on the roof & it isn't snow  

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7/24/2005 6:24 pm

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something fell on the roof & it isn't snow

It never seems to fail that something falls on the roof when the Lion isn't here to check out the noise. Today it was more like at least 4 things that fell on the roof & the day wasn't particularly windy either. Maybe the tree is giving itself a haircut before the arborist shows up on Tuesday night. I don't know.
I just know that when Lion doesn't call me when he is supposed to get off from work & calls me later than expected, its a 50/50 chance that he isn't going to come over & he already feels guilty about it.

I'd rather know what to do with my day or evening before the end of the day/evening so if he's going to decide to do this it would surely HELP to know. Okay, so I know that he felt sortof guilty the other day when I vented about not meeting any of his family & still feeling like I wasn't sure about our relationship, but baubles aside...

I need some kind of communication. If his new company is going to use the trainees like common hourly employees & not give them the ability to let their family members know what's going on, then someone is going to have to let the corporation know that this sort of local behaviour doesn't conform with their own basic rules.

Anyway. We haven't taken any pictures lately because I'm going to the beach & outside whenever possible & tanning the lines off of my beautiful butt. I figure that this may take some time, although Lion is always going on about my ability to tan, he calls it my Kodachrome skin. What can I say? Dad was Beduoin & they tan so fast that sometimes it was a different person who came back from the beach that went.

Luckily for me, the base of my skin is this odd yellow which makes my tan color mostly a golden brown or caramel with no green tones. Interesting & goes well with the red hair top & bottom. I have to be careful about the eyebrows though, because they are pretty much dark red/brown these days...

My eyes have been going from gold to light brown again, I catch Lion gazing at me every so often when the sun is near my eyes, so I know that it happens to me too. My grandmother who I take after was hazel eyed & although mine are profoundly brown, they do shift in intensity to gold from time to time.

We DID happen to take a picture up to my friends at the car repair place a few days ago, really bumped the repair of Lion's car into high gear...goddess alone knows that the darn thing will be blown up in the bathroom the next time I go up there, but it was worth it to see their expressions. sort of... Several guys nearly fell off of car lifts in the ensuing few hours; to try to see down into my zippered shirt but I knew from experience to wear the tightest sports bra that I have & to zip half way no peeking.

Lion is at home with his son tonight after being guilted into staying with him again. I should just assume that if we have the 5 year old one night, that I'm going to lose his dad to him the next night too. The small one has learned the art of guilting his daddy into buying him things & making him come home & play with him. I've never met a child more in need of a play group than this one...that's probably because I'm sharing Lion with him. oh well...

I think that I'll do some thigh exercises with the rubber bands that the VA gave me & then get some more liquid down me & go to bed. Life is.
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hotandhorny107 60F

7/24/2005 7:38 pm

Can sympathize/relate to you on the child issue since I a going through the same thing with someone. It truly is making me somewhat crazy, because although I certainly understand the importance of dad being part of the son's life, it seems that as a result dad has no life. Like your situation, I think child is being a little manipulative at times to get more although that is just an opinion.

There is about an hour and a half in distance between us and my schedule is no help either. However I enjoy his company both in and out of bed and am willing to accept what he has to offer at this time. I am hoping that once school is back in session and the child is back on a more regular schedule things for dad and me will get back to our normal routine...

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