Linds' Accident  

Linds1957 60F
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6/5/2006 7:37 pm

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6/6/2006 7:00 am

Linds' Accident

No.. I didnt cause a car

I was sitting at a stop light, and I looked in my rear view mirror... I saw a guy run up to a car parked along the street I was on and open the door and get in.. No big deal... Then he pulled out into traffic, sped up, and slammed into the back of my car. .. OUCH.. Instant blinding headache and many other aches and pains to numerous to mention.

After I could think again, I got out of my car.. The guy that was driving the other car had gotten out and ran across the street, which I thought was very odd, and I was left talking to a very old man who was the passenger. Turns out the old man didnt know that guy that was driving, and that guy was trying to steal the old man's car when he slammed the car into the trunk of my car. The old man told me his name and I wrote it down, and I wrote down his car's license plate number..(very glad I did that, it was very helpful later)...He didn't know how to put his flashers on, or his phone number, or his insurance company.. So I tried to find out by looking in his glove compartment.. NO LUCK...

I saw one guy on the street that saw the whole thing and I hoped he would help me out.... but he didn't.. I asked the old man if he could drive.. he said he could, so he followed me to the police station, nearly getting hit by a car on the way there. He didn't want to talk to the police and at that point I was still confused and in shock somewhat, so I let him drive back to get his "wife".. (not sure if there really was one or not...)

Anyways.. I stopped at a relative's place and the relative sent me back to the police station. The police were glad to see me, because the witness was there, giving his statement and they wanted one from me.
They took me back to ID the driver of the other car.. He was an indian.. drunk..etc...
Then I had to write out my statement, putting in every detail possible. In my statement, I wrote that the old man had said the other guy was stealing his car.. so then the police guy read that, and took off to the back for 15 minutes while I waited....

Eventually the police came back, we checked out my car, and found that the trunk was pushed in quite a bit..

We finished up the statement,and he asked me if I was hurt.. I didnt have the headache anymore, but my head still hurt, my neck hurt.. my back was aching in various places and my ankle is hurting still for some odd reason.
I left the police station, very shakey still, and got some food for supper and drove home..
What a totally odd experience...How often are you an eye witness to someone stealing a car, and then have that car ram the back of your own car??? Not only that, but the old guy had dementia and couldn't help me...The police told me that earlier in the day, that same car was involved in a hit and run...The relatives of the old man didn't know where his "wife" got to.. The police had asked me if a young woman was in the car with the old man, and no..there wasn't...
By the way, this happenned just a few hours ago.. I still have the aches and pains...I'm drinking coke and trying to make sense of it all..

What makes me the most upset were the drivers that yelled at us to get out of the way, blew their horns.. told us to put the flashers on, which I tried hard to do but couldn't find the flashers...Have you ever felt totally upset, hurt, angry at pain.. and totally helpless at the same time...??

Anyways.. I'm fine.. I hope the old man found his "wife".. and I hope that his relatives found the old man..And I hope that his insurance pays for the repairs to the trunk of my car.

rm_blue061245 72M
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6/5/2006 9:57 pm


I hope that your head and neck are not hurting any more.

If they still hurt tomorrow, you had better get to the doctor and make sure your insurance agent knows that it is not only the car that has an "owie"

As I understand it, the other guy's insurance will have to pay because it was his car that hit your stationary vehicle. The owner is responsible to other motorists; he may in turn have a valid claim against the guy who was driving, but that is not your concern.

If you get any hassle at all from your agent or from the insurance company, see a lawyer PDQ.

And whatever you do, get well quickly!

campfirecozy 68M

6/6/2006 2:58 am

Oh dear Linds!
Please listen to your bod and see your doc if you are more than just sore...a hit from behind can do strange things to your system (not to mention the mess the impact made on the car).

Linds1957 60F

6/6/2006 7:00 am

Blue...yes.. i plan to see a doctor neck hurts but not that bad, and the rest of me but not that bad..But I guess you're right, I need to just check it out.

Cosy, i do feel like i was in an accident, whatever that feels like

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