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7/7/2006 7:55 pm

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Hi.. sunny.. mosquitos everywhere...no clouds.. still windy...

I feel upset about something...

I think some people are hooked on "meeting new people". The end result is that they are still lonely, still looking.. still wanting something they don't have.

Some people are hooked on all their friends of the opposite sex, and they aren't willing to give them up for the one that might be the "love of thier lives".

Some people have been on this site so long that they don't trust others to be honest and open in a relationship.

C'mon people.. are we going to let lack of honesty in some people keep us from having fun, and enjoying OUR lives..

Let's be honest..
Let's not be jaded, unaccepting...
Let's be caring and considerate of the feelings of others....
Let's be kind....
And let's be true to the ones we care about..

chas4037 68M
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7/7/2006 8:29 pm

I'm sure you've seen the joke about the "Man Store" ... where on each floor the description gets better & better ... till on the top floor, the sign says "this just proves that women are never satisfied!".

Well there is some truth in that joke, Linds, and there is some truth in your question too.

It seems to me that with the plethora of people on even just this site, it is mind-boggling at times. And many of you are interesting people, ones I'd surely enjoy knowing in a real face-to-face relationship as friends.

So when is it time to say "ok, this lady is good enough; I'm going to let myself fall in love"?

I ask myself that question regularly, by the way!

and by the way, sunny & relatively cool here; temps in the high 70s, low humidity. No Mosquitos to speak of.


meresu 57F

7/7/2006 8:45 pm


MarcoPolo197676 41M
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7/7/2006 9:39 pm

My thoughts exactly, Live life to the fullest, Intimately, Honestly, fearlessly. None of us has forever, nor do we have the total understanding to understand lifes plan, I do not wish to be at the end of my life and wish I would have done more. I think we should be courageous in life, live it completely and gloriusly. The value of life is in the fact, that is short, that all experiences are significant and prescious, we should endeavor to do as much as we can. Let your honor be your guide.

peelingback2u 61M

7/7/2006 9:40 pm

A good post.....you say it all in your last few lines. It's sad but I think youre right...alot of people will be looking right until the very end of their lives.........and regretting not taking advantage of the opportunities that they left behind.


Linds1957 60F

7/7/2006 10:37 pm

chas.. no mosquitos???.. i'll be sure to blow a few your way...

thanks Meresu

Marco Polo.. i like what you said..."let honor be your guide"

Peeling.. you're welcome

rm_1sexyroo 57M/57F
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7/8/2006 12:14 am

Well said! But you forgot one important thing...

Let's be true to ourselves!

Linds1957 60F

7/8/2006 8:30 am

1sexy.. that's the hardest thing of all.. A person has to know who they are before then can be true to themselves...


Looking0100 55M

7/12/2006 8:34 pm


I absolutely love the last five lines of this post. I really do.

I am always an extremely honest person. I have been on this web site for several months now. I started slightly earlier at another web site, though I will be discontinuing that profile soon. I am hoping to upgrade to Silver status again here. That way I can contact members.

I have had very little luck here. Since before I stopped being a Silver Member in early April, I have received no emails from anyone, until recently. A few people that know me through the blogs did email me. Also, I met my Canadian friend here at this web site. We are still good friends.

I want to get out there and do more with people, mostly women, as I find men to be less friendly and more abrasive. I have been working hard at building blog friendships recently. I have not pushed anyone into a relationship. For me, I worked hard at NOT asking anyone to be friends. It is working for me now. I hope it continues this way. Maybe I can build a real friendship with one or more of them.

Jon C.

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