Linds1957 60F
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3/16/2006 6:51 am

NO erotic dream today, sigh.. I'm only worried about a birthday party I'm supposed to pull together on Friday for my youngest daughter, who turns 15. Floors to clean.. chairs to clean so there will be enough chairs for people to sit on.. Food to make...bathrooms to finish cleaning..

I've often wondered why anyone would clean their house BEFORE a party..They just have to clean it again the day AFTER the party..

So as if having a party isn't trouble enough, my "good" friend asked if she could leave her 2 kids here on Friday and stay overnight, so she and her hubby can go to a funeral. I realise that funerals aren't for kids.. but still...

Oldest daughter is coming down from Calgary with the goodie bags for these teenaged party goers. I am so curious as to what she got them. What does one put in a goodie bag for teenagers??? and I dont mean condoms.. altho.. it's not a bad idea.

And my cat is meowing incessantly.. Do they make muzzles for cats???

So.. think of me going pretty close to crazy today and tommorrow, and wish me well, k..Thanks..

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