4 weddings???  

Linds1957 60F
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8/2/2006 6:59 am

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8/2/2006 8:16 pm

4 weddings???

I was reading about Pamela Anderson, famous or infamous star from Vancouver, Canada.

I had one wedding so far..It took me a year to plan it, and I did it mostly by myself. I even made the bride's maids dresses myself. When there's hardly any money, you do it yourself..And I enjoyed it..
And guests told me it was a very nice wedding. The colors were fall colors.. yellows, oranges, a little brown...I enjoyed the wedding very much. It was a great family gathering, and it hardly cost anything.

Pamela Anderson, on the other hand...I don't know how many weddings she has already had, but she's about to spend a month re-enacting weddings. I think they said on TV that there will be 4 weddings in one month. I guess it is fitting for an over the top "star" who keeps changing her bust size. She can't decided what size she wants to be so she keeps going under the knife.
Now she is about to be married and once isnt enough. She will be having a wedding 4 times in a row. Will it be enough " glue" to keep the marriage together??? I don't have much faith that this series of weddings will be her last....

But i'm not bitter... .. I just get mad that there is such a waste of money on these "stars"...

I'll get off my soap box now...

rm_RingOtaku 36M
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8/2/2006 8:15 am

Linds it's cool. You can get off the soap box and into my bed beautiful. I have fur-lined handcuffs you know.

As for Pamela I say the same of her as I do most other celebrities. Fug 'em. They ain't better than us, that one sure as heck isn't prettier than Linds, and I hate that their money buys them out of being called on their stupid behavior.

rm_blue061245 72M
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8/2/2006 9:35 am


There are many countries whose languages have no equivalent for the "th" sound. Zat ia vy ze Chermans alvays say "ze" instead of "the" und vy zey say "Torhilt" instead of Thorhild. We cannot leave out the French , either.

In Ireland, Gaelic has no real equivalent, and so the "th" becomes a fairly hard "T" - hence the jokes about the Irishman dividing 10 into three equal parts and coming up with tree and a turd, tree and a turd, tree and a turd.

Perhaps one of Pamela Anderson's ministers was Irish, and had her make vows "until
debt do us part" ???????

Linds1957 60F

8/2/2006 9:43 am

AWww.. you're a nice guy.. Ringo.. Hugs...and i love furlined handcuffs

Linds1957 60F

8/2/2006 8:16 pm


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