The sexual misadventures of Lincoln Mercury  

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8/9/2005 5:07 pm

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The sexual misadventures of Lincoln Mercury

This is a long story which happened in a few short weeks. It does not have a fairy tale ending so If that is what you are looking for, please skip over.
A bit about myself.
I am 50 years old and a craftsman/artist by nature.
I am very observant and have a photographic memory.
I love music, and songs run thru my head quite often.
I have a writers block when it comes to thinking up nicknames for myself.
I am a little hard of hearing due to age,genetics, and environment. I hear low tones well but high frequency is shot.
All of this is important to the story or I would not have shared this information.

July 6 2005:
Lincoln Mercury is not my real name, but I drive one.
Have you ever wondered how Recording Artists come up with their lyrics? I think that they come to them while they are sleeping sometimes. I heard a song a few months ago that was way too real. It was about a torrid love affair and it happened to me. As is always the case with dreams, a few minor details were fuzzy, and the artist must have used creative license to fill in the fuzzy parts. For example, It did not happen in Mexico, it was Ohio.
It was not at a Mexican Cantina, it was at a Rib Festival. At least he got the names right.

It was a warm sunny Saturday, and I decided to go to a local Rib cookoff, eat some ribs, listen to some bands and take a few pictures. I like to take candid photo's the best. I was sitting in the bleachers with a 200mm telephoto lens when I saw her. I have a picture of the first moment that I laid eyes on her. Have you ever really seen someone dance like no one is watching? It caught my attention right away.
I waited for a chance to talk to her and followed her to the beer tent. I said, "Excuse me, but I was watching you dance out there, and I just want you to know that if that was a mating dance, you have my undivided attention."
She replied, "Thanks, my name is Gina. Why don't you come over and sit with me."
That is how it all started, if there is any interest it will be continued.

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