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I woke up with a mask on my face. My hands bound behind my back and my feet bound apart to a bed. I wasn't frightned I knew why I was here. I was to be initiated into the club today.

It all started four months ago with the meeting of myself and a young woman at a nightclub. She was extremely beautiful her long black hair was what actually caught my attention at first. It was silky and thick and came all the way down to her luschious curvy behind. But the rest of her was pretty hot too. She stood slightly shorter than me at about 5'5" and she had the most goregous sea green eyes I had ever seen. They were framed by dark lashes and black eyeliner. She had the most full shapely lips as well, she had them lathered in dark red lipgloss and pale skin. Her body was wonderful and curvy and she had the longest legs I had ever seen on someone so short. Now don't get me wrong I'm no slouch either I am abot 5'8" I have short blonde hair and large brown eyes I have a nice firm body and I have never gotten any complaints.

Well anyway, I saw her at the nightclub and she smiled at me and I walked over to her and we struck up a conversation. We danced and drank a little. I would say fun was had by both parties. Seeing as i don't have a policy of having sex with anyone on the first meeting we parted ways with each other's cell numbers and a very steamy kiss goodnight. She waited an entire week before calling me to meet up. We went to dinner with each other at this really nice restaurant and again she bedazzled me with how beautiful she was. We had drinks and a wonderful dinner and went for a walk along the beach. We talked about our jobs and family and found that we had a lot in common. In the middle of our conversation I couldn't help myself anymore and kissed her lips. I wanted to taste her mouth again. I pulled her closer to me and our bodies melted together. I ran my fingers through her hair and I could feel her hands runing down my back to my firm rounded behind. I broke the kiss to trail lighter kisses down her neck and to her shoulder blade. My hands were trembling and I wanted so badly to take her right there on the beach. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I would go home with her and I smiled and said yes. As we drove to her apartment, I started to become nervous. I had not been with anyone since my long-term relationship had ended three months before and I had never been with another woman in my life. But, I knew I wanted to be with this woman.

We reached the apartment and she led me to her place. It was a large one bedroom sparsely decorated in the living room with just a big comfy couch and a largescreen television. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I was stunned at what I saw there was a large four poster bed in the middle of the room...

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