Me & 2 Men in the Pool (for starters, hehe)  

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11/7/2005 11:50 am
Me & 2 Men in the Pool (for starters, hehe)

<< I'm Not Really BAD .. I'm Just DRAWN That Way


A TRUE “Lil” MFM Adventure

Affectionately Recorded by her Loving Mate

We lived in tropical Asia for some time. Having done the traditional Asian "Girly Bar" routine many times, (often culminating in special female treats for myself & my lady in our own bed with us, for the night), we both felt that the lady deserved a male treat also ‒ "fairness" & all that. (Some of the lady-guest fmf times and the fun n funny times we enjoyed with these sexy ladies will be told here later).

Part 1: Lady Makes a New MFM Friend

One hot sultry night, our regular driver/bodyguard took us to the "sexy area" of Manila. We walked between the two large entry palms & entered Club 969, a gay bar where many straight male strippers erotic dance for the guys.

All eyes in the room followed the lady’s every step as she, myself & our driver/bodyguard were led to a table in the middle of a large showroom, located maybe 50’ from the stage. This large room writhing with over 200 sexual creatures ‒ gay men, gay ladies, some gorgeous transvestites, suddenly became still & focussed on the lady displaying her usual presence (long lean well-heeled legs displayed out of the long slit skirt to the upper thigh, the cleavage + tops of her full breasts displayed above the low dress-front, the mature classic shoulders back - breasts forward presence, the platinum blond hair & friendly-sexy smile us mere males will sell our souls for. (You’re right, I do appreciate & enjoy her full mature female sexiness)
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12/1/2005 9:56 pm

Continued - Part 1: Lady Makes a New Friend
As she walked, a pair of standout feminine transsexuals openly ogled her body from top to bottom, touched her breasts, stroked the full length of her long slender legs, and expressed their approval & admiration for her classic female sexual qualities.

We ordered drinks & watched the sexual action throughout the room & the dancers on the large raised stage. Several dancers did their thing, oblivious of our presence. It was another hot sultry tropical night & the room was very warm, adding further to the sexiness.

Then, it happened !!!. A young muscular male body, native dark skin sexy-sweaty on this hot tropical night, clothed only in a tiny white bikini (which seemed about to spill it’s very large contents at any moment) caught the lady’s eye. He immediately focused his gaze directly on her, his eyes never leaving hers. She responded with direct look back into his eyes (locked on his eyes except only to glance down at his bulging crotch occasionally). He danced for some time, like it was for her only, their eyes locked together, as though only he & her were in the room. Pure raw sexual desire & energy sparked between them. Everyone in the room knew exactly what was happening between the two -everyone felt the intensity of their feelings. I noticed her bottom do it’s long familiar to me sexual wiggle in her chair.

After his professional dancing/writhing routines were finished, the lady turned to me and said "I WANT HIM" ‒ "CAN I TAKE HIM HOME?". I & our bodyguard, even while expecting this reaction, broke up with laughter. I said, "sure, if you want him - you will have him".

Before I could contact him, after about 10 minutes, he appeared magically at our table, at the lady’s side, sat down, chatted up the lady & gave her his cell phone #.

Her hand managed to brush his crotch often & his hand remained on her exposed thigh throughout their introduction.

After he left, my special "everyman’s older woman fantasy cum true" lady she told us that she had invited her 25 year old friend "Robert" for an after dark swim in our pool this cumming weekend, provided that he start in the tiny white bikini in which he had danced.

Part 2: "A Dip in the Pool"

The next weekend, I called "Robert" & arranged for him to visit us for a "swim".

He arrived & immediately excused himself, to reappear in only that tiny white bikini. We talked by the pool, all clad only in bathing suits, enjoying the hot sultry tropical night, which was about to get a lot hotter .

We sat on the patio next to the pool, enjoying the sultry tropical air & the views. The lady’s eyes never left Robert & caught his hand sliding over his crotch & brushing his cock many times as we talked. She was also thriving on being watched by her 2 men, knowing that they were becoming more & more turned on to her.

Robert, planning on showing her a few tricks in the water, had no way of knowing that this lady is as at home in the water as a seal ‒ her lean long limbs, her ability to stay underwater for over 2 minutes etc. would put her fully in charge of us comparatively clumsy males. This aroused female knew that we were at her mercy in her element ‒ he was to soon find this out.

Us 2 males each took a hand & led this "helpless" lady into the water.

After a short swim & a few introductory kisses with each of us, the lady disappeared for over a minute. Robert & I, facing each other, talked about how attractive she was & how horny we were ‒ plotting how we would take her. Suddenly, I was lifted up & dumped unceremoniously on my face. Upon, checking, I noticed that my black bikini was gone. Robert was laughing uncontrollably at my fate until suddenly he was lifted up & then dumped back into the water.

We tried to spot the perpetrator & noticed a shark-like object swimming underwater towards the far end of the pool.

This lady (or maybe shark) appeared, & said with great glee "look at me" - "look at me". She proudly showed off "her trophies", a white bikini & a black bikini hanging around her neck.

Next, she tossed them onto the deck, removed her own suit underwater & tossed it into the pile on the deck. Now, we could not see each other in the dark water, but each knew that we were all naked.

She swam back to us & then glided back & forth between us many times, alternating kissing each of us.

Robert & I had not moved throughout her entire performance, remaining standing still & facing each other in the chest deep water ‒ she had totally taken over ‒ we were each able to see each other’s facial reactions as she continued her performance.

Next, she suddenly disappeared underwater again. Immediately I saw Robert’s eyes & mouth open wide ‒ then, slowly, a happy smile replace the surprised look ‒ having "been there" with her so many times myself, I knew immediately that she had suddenly sucked his entire length into her mouth & down into her throat.

I felt her ankles gripping my cock tightly, using me as leverage to keep her mouth in position around Robert’s cock. From her ankles, I could feel her back & forth movements as she sucked up & down along the length of his cock.

Then she came up, took a deep breath & went back underwater, reversing the procedure, sucking my cock while squeezing Robert’s cock between her ankles for leverage

After repeating this several times, the lady came up & stood between us. We talked for some time while she stroked his cock with one hand, & mine with the other hand & while Robert & I each played with a breast.

She turned away from Robert, & wrapped her long strong legs around my waist, kissing me deeply & rubbed her pussy lips against my cock. Robert moved against her from behind & wrapped his arms around her. She told me later how sexy it felt to be floating in the water, have the two of us pressing her between us & feeling my hard cock against her from the front & his against her bum. Next, Robert lifted her gently while I opened her pussy lips & placed my cock between them ‒ then he lowered her down onto my cock pushing her down until it was all the way into her. Then as she & I remained still & gazing into each other's eyes, he slowly moved her up & down on my cock.

After several of these "strokes", I felt those familiar movements from her & heard those familiar sounds ‒ she was about to cum ‒ no, really come, with squirts. Despite the water around us I felt the warmth of her gush on my cock & balls ‒ wow!!, nice!!

Then, she told me she wanted to have Robert inside of her. She floated up off of my cock & held her pussy lips open as I turned her & moved her onto him & then pushed her down onto his hard young cock. I held her tightly & moved her up & down the length of him. Once in "squirt mode", the climaxes cum in rapid succession & with very little efforts needed. From her sounds, I knew she was squirting on him. He suddenly yelled "wow, I feel her cum hot in the water". Our lady yelled, moaned & then collapsed limp as a jellyfish into our arms.

For the next half hour, we together floated her on her back, massaged her breasts, touched her pussy etc. floating her back & forth between us. She came again on our fingers several times, but these were now mild ripples compared to the first ones earlier with our cocks in her.

We floated her to the edge of the pool, carried her out & placed her on the sofa next to the pool. She was exhausted & satiated - for the moment.

Part 3: The Bedroom Part

Soon, & partially recovered, the lady headed off to the bedroom, saying "Robert is also a masseur & I really would enjoy a sexy massage. I will be lying on our bed, would you please send him in soon".

Robert & I finished our talk about the great enjoyment all had had so far & I showed him to our bedroom. The center of the action was lying face down on the bed, arms & legs stretched out fully & spread wide apart ‒ the oscillating fan caressing & moving along her now sweaty skin.

I asked Robert to begin massage on her while & left the two of them alone for a while. He knelt over her & proceeded to rub her while I waited in the next room. I could see their silhouettes as he touched her from above.

Soon, those beautiful sounds of my lady aroused could again be heard. I could hear shuffling & faster movements along with male & female moans from the bedroom.

As I entered the room, I could see the siloughets of him kneeling between her legs and moving in & out of her & her feet locked together high above his head in high sexual passion. I lay next to her, held her close, kissed her while feeling the bed moving to their sexual rhythm.

Robert got even more excited watching me touch & kiss her breasts as he thrust into her harder, slowly increasing the rhythm. Suddenly, he grabbed her ankles & held them up high & far apart as their mutual arousal increased.

I reached down & rubbed her clit - she gushed all over his cock & balls, soaking the sheets as he thrusted faster & harder.

I became caught up in their urgency, jumped to my knees, stroked my cock & soon ejaculated all over her breasts & belly. Upon seeing this, Robert was also ready to cum ‒ he pulled out of her pussy, stroked his cock a few times, moaned & shot several jets of thick white cum all over her belly & up to her breasts. The lady raised her head & smiled while viewing her accomplishments ‒ she was covered with streaks of white cum from her two males her from her neck down to her fur.

I lay next to her & we kissed as Robert massaged all of the cum into the skin of her belly & breasts. We all lay still, Robert & I holding the lady between us for some time.

After, Robert left for home, the lady & I held each other closely & made soft love until we fell asleep amid the soaked sheets & smell of male & female sex.

Robert was to return several times. Whenever the help went home to the country, we repeated a similar scene ‒ talk, looking, pool (oral & intercourse as Robert & I floated her around & moved her onto each other), bed, massage, passionate intercourse from her young stud/masseur, many squirting climaxes for the lady & us ejaculating all over her fur, belly & breasts, then, she & I making soft love on the sex soaked sheets till we fell asleep.

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1/14/2006 7:07 pm

Just wanted to add / say that while this may not have had the instant power of the "Angel" VIP room, above, which was a single event, the power of this Robert thing came from the initial meeting magic combimed with several long sooo sexy evenings ... it continued for a long period of time ... and was so sexy for me .... ongoing erotic and sexy ... my 2 lovers pleasing me ... me pleasing them .....

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1/17/2006 9:01 pm


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1/18/2006 7:40 am

oldpleaser .. hi ... glad u visited us. ,, and liked this story ... thank you .... u said it all in ine word

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1/18/2006 7:45 am

oldpleaser .. just read ur profile ... u 2 sound neaqt folks ... "feeling your way into playtimes

"just needs the right circumstance to get started. " from your profile ... that is so true and what it is all about for getting started.

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3/4/2006 8:05 pm

*drool drool drool drool** Holy! I can see now that if I"m going to read your blogs, I'm going to need either some hard cocks available or some of my toys! WAHOOO!! how fun!!!
I guess if I was to write in 'erotic' detail the events of my own pool 3some it would read similar with the exception of the massage and the lovemaking with sig.other as I'm single.
But my encounters have been hot n steamy such is why I'm hopelessly addicted to the MMF.
"cuse me I have to go now

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1/9/2007 4:11 am

great way to start day.. with this sensuous pool party...missed joinig
your chat...hope we can connect...have enjoyed your other stories &

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