My take on the weekend  

Light6900 49M/39F
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9/11/2006 3:57 pm
My take on the weekend

Yeah, our weekend was boring. I have to say it sucked. Kids, work, kids, work, being tired etc. We wanted to spend some time by ourselves and explore our D/s relationship but that's really hard with unexpected company showing up hehe. Master and i enjoy our time together. We are a very sexual couple and love to explore eachother's bodies.
I did get a good spanking for not putting my strap away to a place I needed it kept. Not just so that the monsters wouldn't find it, but so that when Master asked for it, it was there. But mmm i loves me a good spanking.
Perhaps Master and i will have to have some naughty fun tonight. Take some pictures, show everyone how hot we can be. MMM being naughty hehe.
But i should cook his dinner, tidy up and finish up my dinner. Porkchops, mushroom sauce and rice should perk up my Master. Hugs n love

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