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8/1/2006 5:03 pm
Simply Love

Geoff is lodging with a mate whilst working away from home. One day his mate returns home with a somewhat shy but very pretty lady.

"This is Julie" says Jack "We've just met again at the post office after 10 years"

Julie and Geoff's eyes meet and cupid has definitely let loose an arrow which has impaled them both.

Over the next few weeks Julie stays at Jack's quite a bit.

But Jack is a late riser whereas Julie and Geoff are both early risers. Over tea and toast in the mornings their instant friendship grows and they become soulmates in the truest sense of the word. There is nothing they do not talk to each other about. Each time they meet their eyes remain glued on each other's as they say hello.

One morning, after Julie and Jack have had a row the night before, Julie comes into the kitchen looking a bit upset.
Julie looks into Geoff's eyes and smiles sadly.
"What's the matter?" asks Geoff, picking up immediately on Julie's sorrow.
"It's just Jack" says Julie, "he can be such an uncaring shit sometimes"
"Come here" says Geoff , offering out his arms for a hug.
Julie and Geoff pull each other together and Geoff gently strokes Julies back. They are touching cheek to cheek. They don't say anything, they don't have to.
Geoff is wearing his dressing gown and Julie a long t-shirt. Their close embrace causes Geoff's manhood to swell and Julie shows that she is fully aware of this by lowering her hands and pulling him onto her.
Geoff pulls back his head and kisses Julie ever so lightly on the lips. Julie responds and they kiss lightly for a few moments before Julie pulls back a little and looking Geoff straight in the eyes and with a most delectable smile says "I guess we better hadn't"
"I guess not" replies Geoff "but you do know I have fallen in love with you"
"I know" says Julie "I love you too"
They break apart, their hands not letting go until the last moment possible.
Over the next couple of months whenever they meet they steal a quick hug or a fleeting kiss. Sometimes taking outrageous risks. They both enjoy the thrill that gives them. There is no question of Julie splitting from Jack or of Geoff trying to take her away. They both know they only have to ask and the other would go but they also know it just wouldn't feel right.

Then Geoff's contract ends and he returns home. He doesn't contact Julie feeling that she and Jack deserve the best possible chance. After all he has no reason to be jealous of Jack. He knows that Jack will never connect with Julie the way that he has. It is simply not in Jack's make-up. Geoff is just happy if Julie is happy.

A year later Geoff hears through the grapevine that Julie has split with Jack and has moved to a house in the next town.

A little asking around soon gets Geoff Julie's address and he calls round.

As soon as Julie opens the door to him their eyes meet and their smiles radiate at ech other as though they have never been apart. They fall into each others arms and Julie says "Hi there big boy, I have so missed you". I have missed you too" replies Geoff and then they just kiss and kiss and kiss. There are no tongues, as Julie doesn't really like that, just very subtle sensuous movements of their lips together.

"I still love you" says Geoff
"I love you too" replies Julie

They chat away, catching up on everything.

Over the next few months they meet occasionally, Geoff's work and home and Julie's son preventing very many moments alone together.

One day though they manage to meet in the afternoon and end up on the couch having thier usual kiss and a cuddle. Things get a little hot and for the first time Geoff starts to massage one of Julie's breasts through her top. Julie responds by placing her hand on Geoff's bulge and gently massaging it making Geoff groan a bit with the tightness of his predicament.

After a little while Julie breaks the embrace, smiles at Geoff and says "back in a mo" Geoff just smiles back and watches Julie leave the room. When she has gone he re-arranges himself to ease the pressure. phew thinks Geoff I can relax again now.

Julie comes back into the room and immediately pushes Geoff onto his back and climbs on top of him and starts to kiss his neck. Geoff cups one of Julie's breasts in his hand and his excitement rises as he feels the hardness of her nipple through her top, now without the encumbrance of her bra.

After a few moments Geoff reaches down and slides his hands underneath Julie’s top to feel her naked breasts for the first time.

Julie sits up and straddles Geoff forcing herself down hard onto his throbbing manhood and removes her top. She wiggles her hips a bit and smiles in a cheeky way lifting her eyebrows to ask if he enjoys that. Geoff purses his lips and blows her an air kiss to say he sure does.

Then Julie unbuttons Geoff's shirt and pushes it aside. She lowers her breasts gently onto his naked chest and for the first time they areas close as can be.

They nuzzle and kiss each other for ages, although time has no meaning for them as they explore each other with thier lips, kissing each others sex through their clothing.

Suddenly Julie hears her son coming home from school and the moment is broken, by the time he walks in the door they have re-dressed and are sitting on opposite sides of the room just chatting.

Over the next few years their meetings are restricted again Geoff's partner suffers from a long term illness and Julie goes through a couple of partners who never manage to get on with her son and are of a rather possessive and jealous nature.

Until they met again at a recent party. When, for whatever reason, the spark was there again and they chatted together all evening and managed a quick hug and a kiss behind a closed door.

They arranged to meet today ostensibly for Geoff to give Julie a lift to a meeting as Julie has managed to pick another right one (Geoff sighs). Just before julies meeting Geoff picks a quiet looking spot in the car park where they are mainly hidden from view. They have a bit of a heart to heart which soon results in them embracing and kissing gently. All too soon Julie has to go for her meeting, but the old sparkle is there again and if two people can make love in the split second of their final kiss then that's what they did.

They both know that one day they will make love fully together. It hasn't happened yet, but both know that they have the whole of the rest of their lives as thier love will never die.

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