Chapter 3 - Getting hot in front of the fire  

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7/31/2006 6:12 am
Chapter 3 - Getting hot in front of the fire

Chapter 3 - Getting hot in front of the fire

Chrissy starts to push her pussy harder towards Geoff’s mouth inviting him in but Geoff wants to tease her a bit longer so her works his lips back up to her belly button and inserts his tongue.

“That tickles” says Chrissie

Geoff smiles and continues for a bit longer making Chrissy squirm underneath him and start giggling.
He moves back up to her nipples and firmly takes each one deep into his mouth, running his tongue around and over each one of Chrissy’s ripe cherries.
He moves up to her neck uses his lips again but firmer this time whilst cupping her breasts in his hands.

Cheekily he says “if you show me yours I’ll show you mine.

Chrissy smiles and says “oooh you’re a cheeky one aren’t you?”

“Sit there” she commands pointing to a place on the couch. She kneels down in front of him and removes his shoes and socks. Then her hands move down to undo his belt and trousers. “Stand up” she commands “I’ve been looking forward to this and I am going to enjoy every minute” She slides down the front of his body until she is kneeling in front of him, her hands removing his trousers to find that he has no underwear on either. “You naughty man” she says and gives him a playful slap on his bum. “Put your hands on your head” she says with a cheeky grin. Then she gently kisses his balls and starts along his fully erect cock. She nibbles the end of his cock and runs her tongue around his throbbing head before opening her mouth wide and , blowing gently, taking him into her mouth without really touching him. She closes her lips around him and gently sucks.

“that is so good “says Geoff “but there is plenty of time so now its my turn” He gently lifts on her shoulders and pulls her up to him. They embrace and she can feel his throbbing dick pushing against her pussy. He starts kissing her on the neck again whilst undoing the button and zip of her skirt. It falls to the ground and she kicks it away. They are now fully naked and in the most passionate of embraces enjoying a long French kiss.

“I’ve got an idea” says Geoff in a sultry voice. He removes the cushions from the couch and armchairs and places them in a pile in front of the fire. He invites Chrissy to lie down by using just the palms of his hands pointing towards the cushions and inclining his head.

Chrissy accepts the invitation and lies down.

Geoff takes the silk scarf and the bottle of baby oil that he has noticed on the side table and without saying a word gestures for Chrissy to lie on her front.

He then takes the silk scarf and folds it neatly into an oblong before gently placing it over her eyes and tying it securely behind her head.

He takes some oil and oils his hands before starting to massage her on the shoulders. He moves his hands over her back, adding a little more oil until he feels Chrissy relaxing. He spends a little time kissing the back of her neck before moving down and massaging the backs of her legs. After a time he starts to massage the cheeks of her bum pushing them out to expose her arsehole completely.
He then starts to give her a few playful slaps. “I like that” says Chrissy “but a bit harder please”. He gives her a few harder slaps until she lets out a little whimper at which point he stops and kisses both of her bum cheeks.
“Now lie still” he commands as he pours a little baby oil into the crack of her arse and starts to gently massage her arsehole with his finger. He starts to go a little deeper each time until he slips his finger easily inside. He moves his finger in and out for a few strokes until he asks “do you like that?” “ooh yes master” she replies “whatever you want to do to me”

He lets his finger slip out of her arse and then gently turns her over. Using more oil he starts to massage her tits and her tummy, then her hips, then her feet. He moves up and pays particular attention to the inside of her thighs but making sure that he stays just clear of her pussy. By this time Chrissy’s legs have moved further and further apart inviting him in.

“stretch your arms above your head” says Geoff “and hold your hands together”

Chrissy does as she is told and then Geoff holds her calves and stretches her legs wide as he starts to kiss her pussy. He then brings up his fingers to stretch her pussy lips apart and plunges in his tongue as deep as it will go. His beard creates a slightly rough but not unpleasant sensation on her pussy lips whilst his tongue moves up to finally find her clit. He starts very lightly at first flicking the tip of his tongue over her hard nodule to tease her and gauge the thrusting of her hips. Chrissy is starting to gyrate more now and she cries out “Yes o beautiful tongue take me now, make me come make me come” Geoff increases the pressure on her clit a little then settles into a rhythm with his tongue. Chrissy can stand it no longer and grabs Geoff by the hair and forces him harder onto her pussy. As she comes she cries out “O YES you beautiful sexy thing you now now now ….aaarrrhhh”

Chrissy lies there satiated and Geoff Takes her in his arms for a cuddle.

He leaves the blindfold on for Chrissy to enjoy her own little world for a bit.

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