Chapter 2  

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ‒ Getting Comfortable

"Wellll maybe" teases Chrissy, smiling slightly and tilting her head to one side as though finally making up her mind……………..

“ Follow me and let’s go and see”

At Chrissy’s place

They enter the hallway and Geoff closes the door behind him.

“Do you really want a coffee?” asks Chrissie

“Not really” replies Geoff “I’d rather have a kiss and a cuddle”

“That’s obvious” says Chrissie looking pointedly at Geoff’s growing frontal bulge.

“Well you know I find you attractive and a right turn-on “ says Geoff “A man can’t help it when his brain takes over. But, hey, right now let’s start slow, we’ve plenty of time”

Chrissy doesn’t say anything but inwardly she approves and thinks to herself ‘this is good I like a man who can control himself and take it slow at first’

She takes Geoff by the hand and leads him to the couch.

They embrace each other and start to kiss each other gently on the lips.

They start to caress each other gently just where their hands are naturally touching as they embrace.

Their kissing becomes a little harder and then Geoff moves his lips to Chrissy’s neck and starts to gently peck her.

Chrissy responds and Geoff cups her breast in his hand and gently massages it.

Chrissy gently pushes Geoff away and says “give me a mo darling I’ve got to go as it were”

Geoff just smiles and blows her a kiss.

Chrissy comes back and says “now where were we”

Geoff kisses her on the lips and starts to massage her breast again, noticing that Chrissy’s bra has gone.

“You are a naughty girl” says Geoff

“more than you could know” says Chrissie and gently places her hand on Geoff’s bulge.

After a little while Geoff starts to unbutton Chrissy’s blouse and whilst they are still kissing Chrissy unbuttons Geoff’s shirt.

They remove each other’s tops and Chrissy takes one of Geoff’s nipples in her mouth. Meanwhile Geoff is gently tweaking Chrissy’s nipples which by this time are lovely hard little cherries.

Chrissy starts kissing Geoff a bit lower at a time until she kisses his bulge.through his trousers

“MMM that’s nice” says Geoff

Geoff gently lifts Chrissy back up to him and then pushes her carefully onto her back on the couch. He takes one of her nipples in his mouth and gently nips it between his teeth repeating with the other one.

He then starts to kiss her lower and lower, deliberately bypassing her sex until he is down to her knees.

He then starts to kiss the inside of each leg gradually lifting up her skirt as he goes until he reaches and kisses her loving place.

‘Intriguing’ thinks Geoff ‘I wonder if she had any knickers on when she met me or whether she took them off just now’

Chapter 3 - Getting hot in front of the fire - let me know if you want it girls

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