My thoughts and opinions on MDMA (Ecstacy) & drugs in general...  

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12/23/2005 12:21 pm

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My thoughts and opinions on MDMA (Ecstacy) & drugs in general...

mdma is used in few countries for relationship councelling.. it was used in the uk and usa until 1985 when it was banned due to people taking it recreationally.. it can be used to help relationships because of its ability to greatly increase empathy towards others, and it helps people talk anything that is bothering them, without fear of others views, the funny thing about mdma is that the emotional bridges and bonds you make while on mdma with somone are permenant, they dont go away when the effects wear off.

in the uk 500,000 people take 2,000,000 mdma tablets each weekend. most people in clubs where the dangers are at their most.. but some at home with their partner or close friends. here when used responsibly and the proper precautions are taken there is very little danger from taking mdma. the only danger posed is if you suffer an allergic reaction. (note almost twice as many people are allergic to nuts than mdma) so you stand twice as much chance of dying eating nuts for the first time than taking mdma for the first time... despite the fact that approximately 104,000,000 mdma tablets were consumed in the uk last year the total number of deaths was somewhere in the 70 - 80 range.. and these were caused mainly via allergies and incompetance...

mdma acts on a brain chemical called serotonin (5-hydroxytriptamine, also known as 5-ht) a neuro transmitter which transfers messages across the synapses (or gaps) between adjacent neurons. serotonin is thought to play an important part in shaping mood, thought processes, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, reaction to external stimulai and control of motor activity. some medical experts beleive that low levels of serotonin are related to mild depression. the chemical is produced by one neuron and released into teh synapses, transmitting information to another neuron before being absorbd back into the first (re-uptake). mdma causes both a flood of serotonin and dopamine (another important neuotransmitter) into the synapses and also disrupts the serotonin neurons reuptake process.

the long running debate regarding the neurotoxicity of mdma is of VERY mixed opinion in the scientific community, i myself beleive that when taken in large amounts over a long time period 2 - 3 years it can permenantly reduce the density of serotonin (5-ht) neurons in the brain. research of this also suggests it is linked directly with the amount and time period.. so basically taken in moderation and rarely there is no scientific evidence to suggest it poses any severe neurological danger.

the main danger is the fact that when taken in large amounts the body has trouble controlling its temperature (this can be counteracted by drinking ONE pint of water per HOUR and in sips rather than all at once) if you drink too much water (as in the tragic case of leah betts) the body becomes over hydrated, and the patient dies from hyponatremia. if too little water is consumed the body gets too hot and the protein in cells which controls body temp de-naturates and is therefore rendered useless. this means that the body gets uncontrollably and irreversably hotter and the patient dies from hyperthermia... this CAN and WILL be avoided if people follow the rules!

anyone who criticises mdma or cannabis without first educating themselves either from a non-biased source eg: or through taking the drug themselves at least once has no legitimate argument.

how can somthing which increases positive emotion towards others, and relaxes / makes a person incapeable of commiting violance be illegal?? ok it has its dangers, but despite the fact that governments dont monitor / control its usuage, on average in the uk less than 100 people per year die from its effects... alcohol on the other hand seems to increase viloant nature and irrational behaviour!! and leads to many times more deaths as it is physically addictive and more damaging physically. not to mention drink/driving incidents. even proportional to its usage alcohol causes a huge % more deaths per year. and costs the government large sums of taxpayers money.

my main point is this: the government keeps people in the dark about drugs and therefore the people who are so fast to criticise and to consider themselves as superior to those people who choose to take them, should first learn wtf they are talking about and then i may listen. i have spoken to many people who take/took mdma and cannabis (mainly on the box network btw) and not a single one (even those who have stopped taking drugs) regret ever having taken the drug in the first place.

my apologies for being so extensive, but this has touched on a subject i feel very strongly about.

as a side note i would like to add that mdma greatly increases my enjoyment of a night out, so i use choose to use stimulants other drugs are not my thing, and i would say i have the same opinion as almost anyone who has experienced BOTH sides of drug usage, (i have grown up around drug users and i have experienced both sides good AND bad)

point made, now i'll stfu


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