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6/3/2006 8:17 am


The president of chase Manhattan bank
decides he should take a vacation/business trip. Since da president has heard how much fun Taipei z, he decides 2 visit da offices here. He books 2 tickets, 1 4 him n 1 4 his secretary.

After his arrival in Taipei, da president receives an urgent message 4m headquarters dat da richest man in Taiwan wants 2 put all his money into chase Manhattan account. Since da account would be quite substantial, da president decides 2 meet personally wit da man.

Da next day, da president n his secretary went 2 meet da Taiwanese @an exclusive restaurant. Throughout da dinner, da president tries 2 bring up da subject of opening da new account but da prospective client only seems interested in da president’ secretary.

After dinner, da businessman asks da secretary 2 spend da rest of da evening seeing da sights in Taipei wit him. Not wishing 2 offend prospective client, da president orders his secretary 2 go ahead but tells her dat she must b diplomatic n under no circumstances z c 2 insult da man by rejecting him outright.
After going 2 a dance club 4 a few hours, da businessman takes da secretary aside. As he holds her hand n looks her straight into her eyes, he told her dat he loves her. Then, he gets on his knees n asks her 2 marry him.

Naturally, da secretary z taken aback. However, c remembers wat her boss told her: Dnt reject da guy outright. So, c tries 2 tink of way 2 dissuade da businessman 4m wanting 2 marry her.

After few minutes, c said “I will only marry ya under 3 conditions. 1st , I want ma engagement ring 2 b a 75 carat diamond ring, wit a matching 2 hundred diamond tiara”

Da Taiwanese man pauses 4 awhile then, wit a nod of his head, answers, “No problem! I buy. I buy.”

Realizing dat her 1st condition was 2oo easy, da woman said, “ma 2nd condition z a 100 room mansion in New York. As a vacation home, I want chateau built in da middle of da Gironde in France.

Taiwanese man pauses 4 awhile. He whips
out his cellular phne, calls sum brokers’ n new York, Then he calls sum real estate agents in France. He looks @ da woman, nods his head n said, “K, k. I build, I build.”

Realizing dat has 1 lst condition; da secretary knows dat c’d better make diz a good 1. C took her time tink n finally, c got an idea. A sure-2-work condition. C squints her eyes, looked 2 da man n said, rather coldly, “Since I like 2 have sex, I want da man I marry 2 have a twelve-inch penis.”

Da man seems bit disturbed. He cups his face in his hands n rests his elbows on da table. All da while, he’z muttering sumtin in Chinese.

Finally, after wat seemed like 4ever, da man shakes his head, looking real sad, said 2 da woman,


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