New Years Fuckfest  

LeggySuccubus 40F
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12/29/2005 6:43 pm

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3/6/2006 8:25 am

New Years Fuckfest

Since late October, early November I had in this profile and my other one, I was looking for couples, bi women, straight men, in decent shape and I gave the age range I was looking for, for what I called a "New Years FuckFest". Ya know, a party, you drink a little, and it ends in people fucking. Ya know its funny, when I put it in there, I didnt get the first email the whole time I had it in there. The night I took it out, I got an email from a couple who was interested in it. WTF!!! But lol she or he read my blogs, and I struck a nerve, cause I dont like fat people. Oh well, life goes on. I read sooo many profiles on here of men that say they are looking for a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it. But the truth is, when given the oppurtunity to be with a woman who knows what she wants, yall punk out. Why say you want that but really dont? Do confident woman scare yall? I, dont say anything I dont mean, even if it pisses people off, I dont care. I still dont get why guys would rather be with a big chick than a slender one. Please dont give me that every woman is beautiful or beauty is only skin deep, shes a beautiful person on the inside. BULLSHIT!!! They are only nice cause they have to be. Im no model, dont claim to be, and never have, but dammit im not carrying around 100 or more extra pounds than im suposed to. What is it with guys only wanting 1 on 1? Broaden your life experiences, try a 3some, 4some, etc. Its quite fun, as long as all the men involved are straight. It seems to me, a good portion of people on this site arent genuine. Cause when its time to show up, people ive invited hardly ever do. I know the big issue they have. Cause my husband is here when I play, they swear he's bi/gay, which he isnt. They have insecurites about that. They dont/wont give him a chance, hes actually really cool. Hes here for my safety cause I want him here. As long as im in no danger, hes cool as can be.But it would be perfect, if I were sneaking around on him. Not gonna happen. Im happy in my marriage, and its perfect cause he's here and fucks me too. And here I thought women were the insecure ones. I guess not totally, many men are also insecure about things. Well to the genuine ones out there who arent total asses, Good Luck.

rm_kjh4urwife 44M

1/23/2006 3:48 pm

i met this couple at the end of may of last year and for those of you that have not showed up when you said you would be there you have missed out on a great time. this couple was a great host and made me feel right at home. this woman has some real talent. if you are invited and get a chance to see them they GO you will have a great time.

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