Question for the Ladies in the southeast?  

LeEnchantress 56F
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2/9/2006 6:02 am

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11/6/2006 11:30 am

Question for the Ladies in the southeast?

I've been on the site for awhile and am wondering if any of the other ladies in the southeast are encountering this either? Pardon me.. but this might be more of a rant than a blog. .but just gotta know if i'm the only girl on this site encountering this thing
1) If the guy is more than an hour away.. like say Charlotte, (which is more like 2-3 hours away) he always expects you to come and drive to his town, not vice versa the first time you meet.
What the heck is up with this.. Not only am i am a free escort service according to the guy, but now he wants delivery service too? LMAO...
this is just not right!!!
2) Even though you say you want someone who's fit/attractive keeps himself in shape and is under a certain age, you still constantly get the out of shape non-single totally out of your age bracket guys contacting you and insisting how RIGHT you'd be for each other!!!
Read the bloody profile dude!! lol.. i wrote it for a reason, i'm looking for someone that "I" find attractive!
3) You put in your profile that you don't want a quick hook, a F**K buddy, or other no strings type sex but most of your e-mail is filled with guys who don't want anything but that. Then they write and tell you how MUCH you have in common.
One guy's profile was the typical NoStringsSex type of thing.. (if that's your thing. hey.. go for it. it's just not MINE, that's all, lol). His profile was so vile i almost vommited reading it.. it was so offensive.. He even called kids little vomitting shit machines in it.. Okay.. he doesn't like kids, that's obvious..
However i do like kids and am offended by someone who'd have such an attitude towards them.
When he wrote me, he said we had SO MUCH in common... I wrote back.. No.. a**hole, (I'm sure i didn't call him an asshole directly, but i was sure thinking he was) We DON'T. Then i received a real scathing rude email that he didn't like me anyway and wouldn't want to "tap my old ass". Nice guy huh? I shall be reporting him.
4) Guys who keep cancelling the dates they've made with you but when they do want to get together.. have the gaul to insist that they must sleep over at your house the first time you meet!!!
Sorry pal.... but you are a complete stranger to me..
I'm NOT going to let someone i don't even know..let alone someone i met on a sex website into my house the very first time I meet them!! not
5) Guys who's used up hour after hour of your time either IMing with you or calling but. but when you go to call them. they are suddenly so busy they don't have 2 minutes of THEIR precioius time to spare
6) Guys who can't take NO for an answer and become hateful/totally insulting in a chatroom when you plainly state you aren't interested in them.. I tell ya.. my iggy bin is getting mighty crowded in there!! lol
7) Lack of anyone really attractive on here who isn't married/attached or bisexual. Where the heck are all the good looking, in shape single guys on this site?
Do they only exist in other parts of the country? Is the southeast just a barrenland for possible attractive romantic partners.
I don't think there are hardly ANY attractive guy in my e-mail box that i wud consider attractive compared to all the totally gross ones that mail me... you think you guys have it bad with the ratio of women to men.
The ratio of hot guys to definitely non-hot guys has got to be like 1:220!!
It is dismal.
I used to like the chatrooms quite a bit.. but man.. there are some nasty people in there...
I thought coming on here would be a bit of a kick ego wise.. I find lately that it's more of a bummer than anything..
I don't come here to be insulted/disrespected.
I find ALOT of disrespectful guys on here though..
That is really sad.. If you don't respect me.. there's not a snowball's chance in hell i'm going to want to sleep with ya.
The guys on this website seem to treat the women like shit in my area. I'm just tired of it..
Any other ladies else feel like this?

sleeplessknight1 69M

2/9/2006 2:13 pm

LeEnchantress... great handle

Sorry..apologies wrong place....
but yu did ask..and here it is......Just4Laughs....
its being approved as I type... so might not be there immediately

just delete this if yu want... and its under "other....."

gnr8nrg 47M

2/9/2006 10:29 pm

I've never said I have anything in common, because I don't really know any of them yet. I just comment on something I like or agree with. Sorry that you keep running into bad experiences on this site. I think it's your area. Good luck LeEnchantress

LeEnchantress 56F

2/10/2006 7:31 am

No... gnr8nrg. .i was not referring to your e-mail (which i liked btw) but rather a guy who lives close by. His profile has to be one of the most offensive i've read in terms of what his personality projects.. he said all he wanted was a quick F**k, or a sex buddy, which my profile clearly states i'm not interested in..
Still.. he insisted we had SO much in common!! lmao... Yeah. right in his dreams..
Thanks sleeplessknight.
well. that's cool you are started light-hearted blogs. Sorry to hear about your mom.
I don't know.. maybe just the whole atmosphere of this site is changing.
I used to feel welcome here.. Now i'm starting to feel really disrespected and disappointed by the way guys treat women here now...
Even when i post a blog about it. i get some comment like.. geez.. i see you aren't having any luck on this site.. when is the last time you actually had any sex???
So.. not only is this site turned into a giant waste of time, sex-wise, now i got people ridiculing me for even speaking my mind for not getting "lucky" on this site!!
Seeing as how the last guy who even seemed the least bit interested in meeting, (most are into the typical let's swap dirty pictures and you can watch me on webcam jerking myself off) turned out to have an incurable STD!!
I'm sure glad i never met the guy and we had sex!!!
: }
I have no problem getting laid in real life..
I'm very attractive and sexy. Just thought this cud be another option to meet men... Since it's such an isolated area, Lots of the guys locally who are single around here are either in their 20s (which i've dated) or just got out of a nasty divorce, so they are just into playing the field, which in this day of AIDS, HPV and herpes i DON'T think is too wise an idea.
Yes, i've heard of rubbers!! Duh....Have you heard they can break???
I don't think this website is any good place to even meet a lover.. let alone a someone you'd want to date regularly myself,
I think it's a crock... especially around here.. There's too many losers around here and they just flock to this website!
I don't know.. there are probably cool guys in other parts of the country. but there are just too many a**holes in my area.
What can i say? i'm disappointed with the results and attitudes of people on this site.
I came here to meet someone hot, and possibly get laid or have someone to date regularly. not to be insulted and flamed!

Beachbaby99 57M
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2/11/2006 4:48 am

LeEnchantress. I do believe that there are a lot of nice guys on this site. The trouble lies in the fact that there are many more guys than girls and I know you are faced with zillions of e-mails, winks and IM's to wade through. This, and the fact of rude guys, would be no different in any other area. Patience and persistence are the only keys to success on this or any other site, or anywhere, for that matter. All of us have to deal with disappointment and rejection, but not all of us are rude and disrespectful.
I've met and chatted with some great ladies on this site, sophisticated, witty, intelligent, talented and lovely. Not all look like a movie star. Move on, patience, persistence and a positive outlook. Thank you.

LeEnchantress 56F

2/11/2006 8:19 am

Patience is one thing.. This is just pointless trying to meet anyone from this website in this area..
I'm just plain tired of wasting my time here and getting insulted in the process.
I don't know where you are from. but most of the available guys are either grossly overweight, married and looking to cheat on their wives, or so unattractvie i cudn't even think of kissing them. let alone having sex with them.
Or. .if they are good looking.. ... are so cocky.. they will sit and waste hours of your time on IM.. and the next time you see them in a chatroom. not even speak to you.
Anyway. i directed the post toward what the other ladies thought.. not the guys. I saw one lady saw the same thing as me in the southern room.. so I wrote this to see if this is common feeling amongst the women in the southeast.

im_your_man77 40M
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2/21/2006 1:25 am

This is a site that a lot of the lowest of the low will gravitate to because they can't get it anywhere else. Its the type of guy who is desrespectful to the women in the pubs and clubs and he thinks he can do the same here because its a 'sex' site. For the nice people on here its more than a sex site, its a place to talk to friends but the jerks have no respect for that. They just moan about the lack of genuine women but when they actually find someone willing to meet after a few months of looking they either act like a complete jerk when they do meet or get cold feet.
This place is just like the outside world, there are jerks, nice people, ugly people and attractive people. Sadly the odds of meeting the nice attractive ones are, well, slim to none. I only seem to talk to people who are mostly 1000's of miles away so its no better for the guys either.
Thanks for the comment btw, I'm sure given time you will someone to do just that. Unfortunately I don't think it will be me somehow.

rm_OlSarg2 78M

2/22/2006 7:28 am

Hmmmm, does seem like a rant, probably a well deserved one..... If one male person can apologize for the a**holes of our sex, I must say I am sorry some men are such jerks, sorry that you have been hurt by them..... Hang in there, there are still a few good guys out there, not many but a few.

LeEnchantress 56F

2/22/2006 8:06 am

well. thanks oldsarg and im_your_man.. Im_your_man.. i wish you did live closer. i think you are a cutie and very funny too..
Exactly the kind of guy i'd like to meet.. However. i hate to complain.. i'd much rather be commenting on how hot i find my lover i met on this site.. but most, not all, but most of the e-mail i receive are 1)from guys i totally don't find attractive. if you have the stomach resembling a sumu wrestler.. please don't post "athletic" as your body type. it's misleading and just not true!!
and b) guys who expect me to drop my pants the instant we meet if there is chemistry for me or not..
or c) guys who claim they will meet.. use up hours of your time on e-mails and IMs.. but never actually getting around to meeting.
Which i just don't get.. if you arent' attracted.. don't lead the person on. I certainly don't.. If you don't float my boat.. i will NOT spend hours of my time chatting you up...what is the point?
So.. why do these guys spend hours of THEIR time chatting up a woman they don't want to meet? doesn't make sense to me..
But i agree with ya Im_Your_man.. there are some nice people here.. people who will respect your wishes and take the time to get to know you but they are , alas, always so FAR away.
All the jerks live close by usually.
I"m hoping that will not always be the case. but i've been on here long enuf to feel like this is just a lost cause for a way to meet ATTRACTIVE single intelligent men.
Anyway.. olsarg. you can't be held responsible for the guys who are jerks.. just like we can't be held responsible for the women who treat guys like dirt either.
But i DO think alot of guy on here try to do just that... make the women feel responsible for what some other woman has done to them..

rm_poinpa 47F
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2/24/2006 5:59 pm

LeEnchantress-You have seen my blog so you know where I stand on alot of these issues. Because I am also married, the married guys dont bother me as much but they are still just a pain. Just like the single guys. And then-my favorites-the guys who can't figure out if they are single or married. These are the "couples" where the wife has decided she doesnt really want to do this so she is allowing him to play on his own. RIGHT!!! I let them know that starting off by lying as the first thing I see about them is not the way to go.

I hope you dont get too down, you seem really nice, you definitely know what you want, and somewhere, sometime somehow you have to meet that guy you are are looking for. Plus, as a woman who has some interest in other women, you have a great looking chest.

Good Luck!

Fox4aKnight1 44F

2/27/2006 7:17 am

LeEncantress...........Georgia here. I have had a lot of problems from the site as well. But then yeah what woman doesn't. I will say that the I have heard that the carolinas room is a bit bad. But every room gets like that sometimes. I chat in the south room from time to time. there seem to be a few more beter looking guys down this way .....but well come take a look sometime. LOL I tend to not really bother much anymore as like you said they don't seem to care if they get anything .its the form letters and all ....just check out Rdy's blog nd you will see what I mean. I have posted a helper blog on my profile with your1dreamlover as per his permission. Just so that if the guys really want to become sucessful and I can hopefully find my match they will listen to him *crosses fingers*

Fozzy_Wozzy_Woo 48M
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3/9/2006 8:22 pm

LeEncantress.. I’m new to the site and learning how it all works. But from what you wrote i feel it is also the same for some of the guys.

I answer every email that is sent to me but you also get a whole lot of women who just dot reply to emails. I think it is just not polite. One thing i have learned is that it is better to be true to your self than it is to try and lie to impress. It will just catch up with you when you meet.

As you answered a blog from me i thought it would be polite to read you bloggs to find out who you were before i post a reply. So this is what i have done.

In the world yo always get your arse's but isnt it a thing on this site that you can add some one you have met that you find attractive in to your friends list.

I admit that most guys are arses as they have two things on their mind. Sex and when will i get it again. Stupid hey. ive gone past this part in my life and i am just looking for a good friend that should then work into some thing better if every thing blends with each other.

I get rejected by women because i was brought up the traditional way. e.g. Take the jacket from a lady when arriving and help her put it back on when you are leaving. opening the door of the auto so she can get in.
Open doors, allowing the lady to go through the door first. Walking on the kerb side of the road,

etc. Girls just cant handle it.

I have tried to stop but i then become not so true to myself. As working on the doors i get allot of comments from the girls when leaving as i help them put there jackets on and i open the door so they can leave.
The best thing about it is it puts a smile on their face. and it builds confidences for the next time they come to the Club.

fullysatisfyu 43M
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4/5/2006 8:47 pm

I am just amazed that there are males that are getting any responce at all. I sure don't. I am sorry that men don't appreciate the fact that the are interacting with a real female on this site. Sure there are a lot that just want a quick screw, but keep your chin up and you will find a good guy (there's got to be at least one in this sea of shitheads!)

rm_BigJackNC 56M

4/30/2006 7:46 pm

Maybe you should take a awing through the ladies profile. I categorize them as "You must be no more than 2 years older than me" "You must be built like Tarzan's Bulked Up Older Brother" and "You must be hung like having a Third Leg".

Unfortunately, I fit none of these except the age criteria for those women 42 and up. I'm a big man and I'm honest about it to those women I do write, and have had very very few responses, even from those ladies who say in their profile it doesn't matter. But that's alright, as I count these women as people I don't know in the first place, so I've lost nothing.

Personally, if there is a little red "X" in any compatibility box, I pass them by and go on. And they lose out on ever meeting me. What if I'm the man that one of these ladies was waiting for, but just wasn't what they thought was their "ideal". (Ever been wrong? Ever ended up liking someone you thought you wouldn't?)

What I have had is a lot of ignored e-mails, one who had three word to say "got a pic" and never emailed me again. (Didn't think I was that gruesome). And, a few hookers, using the site for clients.

By the way, my perfect woman would be about 35, 5'4", slim waist and hips with small breasts, straight medium blond hair, great sense of humor, and agree with me about most things. She can throw a man twice her size, and shoot like Rambo on a good day. Am I likely to find a woman here, like that, who wants me? Not bloody likely.

Might I suggest, if you are having a hard time finding someone in here, not necessarily "lowering your standards" but looking at some men who don't quite fit your exact profile for Mr. Right. I've found very few women who would fit the mold I would create if I could...and would have missed out on some wonderful friends, lovely ladies with beautiful spirits, and some really mind blowing sex, which I only found by looking "outside the box".

sleeplessknight1 69M

5/26/2006 12:53 pm

Apologies but have no other way of contacting yu, other than by leaving a message here...
your urgent response is required to the latest topic in the Just4Laughs group........


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