Waiting on the Shuffle  

LazarusLongines 63M
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1/22/2006 2:18 pm

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Waiting on the Shuffle

So today we had another visit to my daughter's grandmother. Nana lives in an assisted living facility here in New England. Her children moved her up here from Daytona about 7 weeks ago when she finally became a tad too "dis-engaged".

I thought people were supposed to go to Florida when that happened.

It's a nice place, as places go, but how I dread the thought. I can not help but think that we can do better as a country/culture. I can not help but think that the folks in that home I have spoken to deserve better, that they have earned better. They are us, in 25 to 35 years, and 25 to 35 years ago they saw what I see.
What is the lesson? I honestly do not know. Stay healthy? Eat a healthy diet? Stay active? Invest wisely? Have a bunch of kids? Carpe Diem? Practice safe sex? Moderation, all things to moderation? I don't know.

I just know that this building full of our fathers and mothers was devoid of happiness and joy. I know that for all of the passion, romance and sex that they enjoyed in their time, this is where and how they still ended up.

And isn't that what this site is all about? All of the men and a few of the women saying, "Choose me, choose me." to the fortunate few.

It's almost as though we are making our own Instant Karma. Maybe John L. was on to something.

Peace, compadre's.

caressmewell 54F

1/22/2006 4:18 pm

I'd think I would want to say in Florida...so much warmer.

LazarusLongines 63M

1/23/2006 3:50 am

Caress, thanks for stopping by. T'wern't my decision to make, but I agree with you. FLA is home.

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