Evolving Words  

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1/22/2006 8:05 pm

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Evolving Words

Carved In Stone

For Thetis knew.

In dusty rock these words were carved,
"Her lament the moon could feel"

Oh! That I should have the face
to whisk me swiftly from this place
to bring me scores of captive hearts,
or one who knows where love does start.

Not like Shalott, cursed but fair
mourning empty touch of hair,
Or Venus in her lofty perch,
polishing arrows nightly.

Oh! That they should stand in line
to touch my smile all in due time
to offer up a ransom bold
to ransom truth yet still grow old.

As Paris on his gilded throne,
Charmed Venus and those she called her own,
And was given--love--from across the sea
Still it was not the love of Penelope.

This Thetis knew.

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