February is Cursed  

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2/7/2006 2:50 am

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February is Cursed

Almost a month since my last post, one would think I would have a great deal to say. However, the reason it has been a month since my last post is because of my extreme LACK of sexual activity. It seems the other relationship stuff, love, life , ect, has decided to take over. Now that sounds shallow but this IS a sexual journal and I am under obligation to only talk about my sex life. If you want to know more about my love life then look for my profile on one of those cheesy matchmaker sites, which you won't find. So what is new and why all the sexlessness?

Well first, my favorite buddy Jamie, the friend with benefits from work, decided to confess her undying love for me. ::sighs:: That added a level of complexity I will not go into, but since then she has been very distant and obviously sexual relations have cut off. I also got my heart broken by a long time love, ya ya boo hoo eff you, but I also started dating someone with serous potential. Skinny and dark skinned, this girl is definitely worth, although a bit of a pot head. If anything develops I will be SURE to post it here. As a bonus, my honesty streak has turned out not so bad. I told her about my "occasional desires" for men and she didn't show any objection at all.

So that is what is happening in my life in a nut shell. I got my new toy, a small strap on dildo, for play but Jamie is no longer up for it. That actualy turns out to be ok since the dildo is small but rather thick and will take me awhile to get used to anyway. I wouldn't anticipate many posts from me this month either, as it is the cursed month of February. Whoever decided that valentines day would be placed right smack in the of the loneliest and most bitter month of the year is worthy of a violent death. Until next time.


Fantasy of the Day: SEX! Of any kind at this point.... [color/]

pinkplaytoyz 51F

2/7/2006 5:11 am

Not only Valentines day, but my birthday falls on the 18 of the loneliest bitterest month of the year, LOL,!!!
I guess I'm doubly cursed!

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