Late nights...  

LateralPhantasm 36M
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4/23/2006 5:15 am
Late nights...

Tonight I discovered much just by not sleeping. I was planning on sleeping, but I started to work on this song, practicing and all, then I got sidetracked on and because of that I ended up working on another song for a couple hours. Then as the night grew on I started digging around online and found this site. You know...I got a little practice done, and a remix of a NIN song for but Ir eally did not get nearly as much as I meant. Oh well.
I get easily distracted by nude people and sex talk I guess. I believe in openness and the evolution of ideas. I am a humanist at heart and in mind, and humanism is based on rationality. It is irrational to be closed sexually. The argument for against sexuality does not hold water when you break it down. I thought this way for many years...and now I may have found a little home within this little server. Who knows, eh?

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