Finding Friends?  

LateralPhantasm 36M
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4/29/2006 2:59 pm
Finding Friends?

I have been on this website for awhile and have not had great luck meeting anyone. Am I an Ogre? No...I do not think so. Am I just not trying? Maybe...but whatever the reason, I guess it does not really matter. I have friends in real life and on myspace an all over the United States, so why should it matter? I guess it doesn't, but I feel compelled to make friends. I guess I am one of those people who loves to network and know people and know what is going on at all times. Maybe it makes me a control freak, but maybe it just makes me stupid. I am not writing this looking for someone to go "Oh, no, Will, you are not!" I am not fishing for responses here, jsut trying to work out my thoughts. While I sit here at work I have tons of time to sort these thoughts out, and sometimes I end up eating myself alive with my thoughts of negativity and dissapointment, but I need to check those ideas at the curb. Logically I know I am not stupid or an ogre. I know better. I am smarted than that. Wow, I just realized how arrogant I think I sound here. I may be...I may be...


"When all else fails, and all turns to dust, we'll set sail, on a ship built from trust..."

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