Damn this town sucks!  

LateralPhantasm 36M
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6/9/2006 10:28 am
Damn this town sucks!

I live in the Central Valley of California. Now, for those who are not aware, California is supposed to symbolize progress, growth, evolution, and all that jazz, but to anyone who has been to L.A. then you know it is full of fake people who do not know what they are doing at any point in time. Now, I live in the Central Valley, the toilet bowl of the United States, and when you flush...it all ends up in L.A. Anyway, we have a great community here...a lot of trees, the pollution is not too terrible, and you can walk the streets at night. There is a problem though. I cannot seem to meet anyone here, and there are not many people from my area on this site...I could try myspace but then everyone I meet is fourteen. Sorry, not doing it!
California...the land of and honey...one minute to are golden and no one can touch you, but the next you are flippin' burgers at the local KFC...yeah! KFC! For some reason a KFC does not exist without an A and W also! Whatever!
The point being that this place is so socially scared of doing anything out-of-the-ordinary that people who enjoy group sex like and discreet relations are cast into the shadows to whither and die in frustration.

But...at least we have In-n-Out Burger...that is about the only reason to live in this state any longer...at least until the Governator is done Governating!

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