Beer and Music  

LateralPhantasm 37M
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5/21/2006 3:29 pm
Beer and Music

Until right now I ave not posted in awhile. I was wondering if I was even going to continue on this site, but I have decided to give it a little longer. I do love reading the blogs and talking to people, but at the same time, eh...whatever. This site is basically an adult myspace without friggin Tom looking over your shoulder at all times. That is good, but there is part of me that is just trying to get back out and be social again, so this site can be a little counterproductive to that goal, but, again,
Lately my life of sitting here on the computer has been decreased...for anyone who has read any of my older blogs you know my hatred for dank bars, so I don't go there if I can help it. We have this good music venue in Merced here that I have been going to, having a beer, listening to tunes, and supporting local artists when I can. That makes me feel good again even if I am not being social. I am not even much of a drinker at all but I enjoy buying the beer just to help out the business a little bit I guess. Normally I just like to sit outside, smoke, and act like this all-knowing guru that people approach when they have a problem. It is a good life over all...hell, once in awhile you even get to go home with someone, make someone cum, and then everything is allright again. =)

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