What's really in a body type?  

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4/28/2006 11:22 am

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What's really in a body type?

In so much as we buy cars or boats or houses based on what they show from the outside, what is it that makes them attractive to the eye? I have all too often fallen subject to laughter and ridicule for what my taste in women has shown to others. I am a man who's love for the female form in and of itself does not come from an obsession with sexual contact or the almighty orgasm. Women have the ability to invoke something in some men much more primal, animalistic, or even, dare I say, emotional. Though men as a generalization seldom are well enough in tune with their own inner man to know it. I find that I appreciate a female that holds more shape, suppleness, sensuality, and inner desire to feel the presence of a man close to her. This doesn't mean that I am a "chubby chaser" or hound the BBW room looking for something easy to score with. Women of all shapes and sizes and colors and creeds exude these qualities. Some better than others, for reasons all their own. Man, in a search for his dreams is led to believe that a certain "type" of woman is attractive to him. His "sportscar", "dream boat", "mansion on the hill" so to speak are allowed to be dictated by social norms created by some fashion designer in Paris, Milan, or New York. What is it that he gets from this attraction? Little more than what a real sportscar can offer. Something flashy to be "seen on the scene" with. If I'm wrong, I ask you this...
Why then would Nicole Kidman be single? Why are there so many absolutely gorgeous, sensual, uninhibited, earthwarming women on this website either single, or worse yet, married and cheating? Are their men necessarily less of men for not giving their women what they need in their relationships? I dont think so. For reasons I've already mentioned, I think the men havent found that deep inside their manchild, these men have succumbed to someone elses view on what their woman should be to them. Had they followed their inner selves, and not the attraction to the outer shell that society has told them is beautiful....had they taken the time to reflect on what they themselves would really find more loveable, desireable, able to come in deep emotional bond with, then divorce or "I've been hurt too many times" would be words that had gone by the way of the dinosaurs. Women must crave men that will be at their side in all aspects. I look to the women as the more intelligent of the species to help these men. Help them see what so few of us see. Do this by knowing that you are the "sportscar", "dream boat" and "mansion on the hill" that every man wants regardless of your own sense of self worth or feelings of insecurity because of how you see yourself in the mirror. Know what a man's touch feels like. Know when its sincere, when its cold, when its lukewarm, when its lacking. Dont be blinded by your own desire to be touched, but be aware of his touch and what it can tell you. The song says its in his kiss. I say dont let it go that far. See how he regards you physically, mentally. Do his eyes meet yours often? Does he reach for your hand when you walk? Is his arm often draped over your shoulder as you walk? Does it bother you when it does? Know when your man is just shopping for that almighty orgasm, or not as serious as you would like him to be. You cant change him as much as he cant change you. Let him go, and search on. Its not that soulmates arent out there, or theyre hard to find. They're all over the place. Find a man thats in touch with himself, and youll find a man who'll be in touch with you.
Just a little rambling about things I've noticed about the chat, profiles and the pictures I've seen here on AdultFriendFinder over the past couple years. It's only my opinion, so please avoid the flames if something I've said angers you. Criticism is always welcome though, as we cannot better ourselves without the viewpoints of those outside our windows. More later on....

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great post..hope you find what you are looking for..

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welcome to the blogz, thx for a 'thinker' post

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