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3/12/2006 12:50 pm

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Thunder Hearts Place

In the bedroom I tend to be very kinky...its just something about sex, the act that makes me do some freaky things...I guess I really just like to please my partner because as a man I know that I am going to get mine, so I just try to focus on doing it all to please my partner(s).
I am looking for friends to meet. I am not really interested or looking for a long term relationship...although thats what I always seem to end up in. I am looking for someone to meet and become friends with in hopes of having casual sexual relationship,but at the same time I am a man and one night stands are welcomed . A Casual sexual relationship would mean we can get together when, where, and if time permits and we are both willing to accomodate it, no hang ups or getting upset about it not happening. Honestly though, if the right person comes along who knows?...if you think you can fit in somewhere in between those areas send me a wink, email me...lets get to know each other a bit.

We begin to look deeply in to each others eyes as the sweet Red Wine we imbibed quickly takes hold. Slowly our hands play across each others body feeling every curve and bump as if it were our first time. Slowly we remove each others clothes leaving my boxers and your panties on. Quivering like young adults we begin kissing, lightly at first. Then as my left arm curls around your back and my hand takes hold of the back of your head we begin to kiss more deeply and with greater and greater passion. As the heat of the moment takes hold we take each other, nibbling, sucking and biting on our necks and shoulders. My hands remove your bra and begin playing with your breasts, kneading them as ripe firm pomegranates. Slowly I make my way down to those beautiful life-giving breasts of yours, nibbling and sucking as I reach your nipples. Like a man enthralled in the lust of a woman I quickly but carefully lift you up, one hand on your back and one hand on your sweet buttocks while you wrap your legs around my waist.

…and this is just the beginning.

Passion is key…

rm_robnik2005 52F
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9/25/2007 9:52 pm

just loved and can easily feel the rest.....all the way. kisses

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