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5/17/2006 9:02 am

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6/23/2007 12:21 pm


Maybe it's me, but I get frustrated when I search my area for a female seeking a male for "1 on 1 sex" and 90% of the hits I get are women whose profiles start by saying "looking for a relationship, not just sex".

If the women who posted these profiles didn't want to hook up for discreet sexual meetings (1 on 1 sex) why did they mark that as a preference?????

I just read a blog from a woman who was basically shouting that this is a "friend" and "relationship" personals site. I Disagree. If you solely want friendship or a relationship and further down the line sex comes from that, you need to join eharmony or match. WHY ON EARTH would you join a site that bills itself as "the world's largest SEX & SWINGER personals community????? My favorite profile was from an obviously religious woman who was looking for her soulmate in god.....on this site??? WTF!!!

I personally don't like bd/sm. In my cupid settings I DIDN"T CHECK THAT PREFERENCE!

This same woman's blog had several email excerpts that were from male members (not that kind) who were upset with her and emailed her to tell her. It became a personal attack-fest between male writers and the woman and several of her friends. I have felt so strongly about some profiles that I considered emailing each one and asking them why they chose this site. Obviously I decided to air my thoughts here instead.

Am I wrong about this?????

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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5/17/2006 10:30 am

well, there is the ~vanilla~ version of the site (the one without Adult in front of it), but to be honest, that's mostly the same as this one ....

I do agree that one should preferably just check the preferences one is looking for, to keep it ez and simple, or at least keep them as close as possible to that. If you have them checked and you get mail about it it's no more than polite to at least answer....

but that's just me ofcourse

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5/18/2007 5:39 am

LB67...you are 100% correct...this is NOT the site to find a soul mate this is a play room not a chapel!! what craks me up is the number of ADs from different areas of the country that have the exact same picture and wording with a different name and in a different state obvious fakes!! also a good percentage of these people do not really want to meet anyone they are all flirting with the taboo....in over 6 mons of being here I have had 15 noshows and only one show and they were not what they said they were by any means...require a pic before you meet it saves another dissapointment for your 50 membership.

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