Rephrasing yesterdays question  

Lamorenita22 35F
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5/11/2006 9:29 am

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5/15/2006 9:26 pm

Rephrasing yesterdays question

Ok I'm gonna rephrase my question How the fuck do u have an affectionate sexual relationship with someone who does not want a serious relationship but they want affection? Personally if I'm using someone just for sex I will call only when I want to arrange a booty call. I will not call and say How you doin baby u feel ok and blah blah blah and call you pet names and be all huggy kissy kissy. Don't get me wrong affection is a good thing but thats something that grows over time if you ask me. The reason why I ask this question is because I recently met a man from this site. He is married but his wife is in Mexico they are swingers and they have an open marriage. But he claims that he loves her maybe I'm kinda old fashioned but why get married if you plan on fucking around on eachother and with other couples? Yeah they tell eachother but that makes no sense to me and I have asked my own Mom and a couple friends and they said they didnt understand either. Me personally when I love someone I'm faithful the first time I found out my husband cheated on me I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart with the biggest, sharpest knife they could find. Even if he wouldve been honest it still would have had the same effect on me. I understand that he supposely loves his wife but I have never loved someone so much that I didnt mind sharing them with other people and I never will. When I do talk to this dude he calls me pet names and he is all kissy huggy affectionate and I'm tempted to say hey I'm not your wife save that shit for her. I like affection and I like being affectionate but once someone says hey I love so and so and I dont want anything serious this is what I hear: I just want to fuck Am I wrong or am I right? When someone says I want affection I love my wife and I dont want anything serious this is what I hear: I want to fuck but my wife isnt around to give me affection so would you mind if I call you for no apparent reason call you pet names and cuddle with you before sex after sex and whenever I see you. By the way if I start getting jealous you should probably drop me like a bad habit which may mean you will have to change your cell number and possibly move. But after about 2 months I might get the hint and stop calling so are you interested?
To the person who responded to yesterdays blog I know there are guys who just want sex but that wasnt my question. Sex with someone you are affectionate with is different then sex with someone you dont care about. I have no problem seperating the 2 I have been pretty damn cold hearted a couple times. I never called the 2 minute man again but he called me and I sent him straight to voicemail. I wanted a nut and didnt even come close to getting it end of story and there was no affection involved in that. I'm gonna clean my house now everybody have a nice day.

CrashnBern 59F

5/11/2006 10:04 am

so much to think about and how to say it without everyone i know sayingooooh is that how it is in your realationship? so I will tell you later..CnB

OhSoVeryCurious 47F

5/11/2006 5:10 pm

Um forgive me for the comment here but in case you have forgotten, your MARRIED!!!!So saying "I'm kinda old fashioned but why get married if you plan on fucking around on each other and with other couples? Yeah they tell each other but that makes no sense!"

Don't be a hypocrite!!!!

You make no sense. If you married and screwing around on your husband, regardless of what your man might have done to you, doesn't make what your doing any more or less ok. Cheating is cheating. Open marriage isn't a bad thing for some and in some cases actually is a best way to keep 2 married people happy. Thats simply the dynamics of their relationship. What makes you any better..

If someone shows affection towards another person it doesn't mean anything sexual per-say. I call the kid at the supermarket darlin...doesn't mean I want to fuck him...Just a term. A kiss or a gesture of physical affection doesn't mean that a person is going beyond the norm.

If you want some guy to fuck you and not do anything but that then make it clear that you have no desire to do anything but FUCK!!

Don't be a hypocrite!!!!

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