Northern Exposure  

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3/22/2005 5:19 am

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Northern Exposure

So today is just another day here in Northern California. Just thinking about sex a lot and what not how about you? Thinking about it? Wanting to do it? Then just call me.. ha. Its cloudy here and the best thing is to stay indoors and cum in a females mouth, honestly.

Anyone have a great sex story... I'll share 2 today and then add more great things as time goes on. I want FEMALES to write on the board but if guys have kick ass stories then due tell. If any ladies live in Nor Cal then where and what is it that you want done to you?

Story number 1... 1st time Cocksucker:
This girl came over for valentines day one time and wanted me to stay home from a busy college day to be with me. Now let me tell you that I did not know ths girl very well and she seemed to be obsessed with me and I didn't like her at all, not one bit... Man that was a wierd day. She kind of pushed her way in and wanted to have sex but didn't. She was a virgin and wanted to save it for her true real boyfriend. Some shit like that so I made her suck my dick but she's never done that before either, dam it, I was 20 at the time and she was 19 I think. Anyway, she sucked it and I nutted in her mouth and what not. She ran to the bathroom to spit it out and as she was doing that I grabbed my backpack and got ready to head to school. I told her to leave adn she got all upset and I said "I don't know why you came but I did and now you must leave" she didn't get the inside joke there but she left all mad and I got my dose of college education and she got her dose of cum for the first time. Haven't ever heard from her which is a good thing.

Story number 2... Anal Attack:

Having sex is great, no lie but it gets boring when you've done every position and ate enough pussy that the taste is just a regular thing. So not to far back I started to think that maybe fucking my gf in the ass will be something that she likes. So during sex I'd stick my middle finger in her ass while she was on top. She didn't like that so I stopped. I continued to do it everytime we had sex and she started to like it. It was a regular thing after a while. One time while we were doing it Doggy style I stuck 2 finger in her ass and was ramming her pussy real hard. She liked the feeling and asked me to stick my cock in her ass. My dick got SUPER HARD then and I slowly put in her asshole and she screamed as if I stabbed her. She jumped up and my dick slipped out. She was screaming that it burned and the "Keep that dick away from me". About 5min's later she said "Okay, lets try it again but put it in nice and slow" I put it in and just let it sit there for about minute and the she wanted me to fuck... slowly that is. I was going real slow, 6 million dollar man type of slow-mo. Then she wanted it hard and fast and we started going at it like crazy. I was fucking that ass until I could no more. She enjoyed it and demanded it everyday for 5 days straight. I was thinking "This feels great, tight all the time for some reason her pleasurable pain made me even hornier" We fucked 3-4 times a day 5 times a week and it was crazy. All the sudden she said "No more of that cock in my ass". I wasn't mad but was just wondering... what?
She asked for it again months later but it was to much pain for her to bare and then again several months later... I snuck it in while doing doggy style and she screamed but wanted more of it... ha.
Now its off limits but she still loves fingers in her ass when Im eating her pussy and missionary style... soon she'll get cock in her ass but for now Im loving the suck and fuck of the old days... AMERICA'S TRUE PASS TIME

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