Sexual Reality  

Ladywithatti2d 77F  
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6/4/2006 1:11 pm

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Sexual Reality

Stand in front of a mirror. Take a very good look at yourself, now go back and take a long hard look at your profile.!! This goes for both men and women.

If you are a male, with pot belly, aka, little extra padding that translates to like 50 or 60 lbs over weight, balding, or long straggley hair to your shoulders, missing teeth, or crooked when you smile. If you have a scruffy appearance like you havn't stood next to a razor in about a week. Your age is 50 or older.

Guess what, Cindy Crawford, or some 25 or 30 year old, sexy babe, does not want your sorry tush. She isn't even going to look in your direction, why would she, when she can have her pick and choice of any man on the planet. Lets have a dose of realisim here folks.

Women, especially women much younger than men, are totally NOT interested in OLDER MEN, especially MARRIED men. Why? again, she can have her pick of anyone she wants and why would she settle for scraps when she can have her choice? Like the pick of the litter sort of thing. SOME WOMEN, who are younger, DO enjoy the attentions of older men, there is NO BLANKET PAT pidgeon hole for ALL PEOPLE.

Do you really believe, if you "have to try" is going to get you anywhere? It definitely will get you an ignore, or a nasty email back for NOT reading their profile. Your idea of "Playing the odds" is lame at best. The odds are NOT in your favor. YOU WILL piss them off by NOT reading their profile with what THEY WANT. Your sending out a bunch of emails, to "just try and play the odds", is to totally ignore their wants, which again, shows them, if you will IGNORE THAT, what else will you ignore?

As for the ohhh hot studs, and the married men who say they can do push ups with their tongue, they "know" what a woman wants and likes and how to give it to them. Or, they can give them everything they ever wanted.

Think about that for a minute and how lame you sound. You are married, yet you are HERE looking for a sex partner. If your so damn good, and your tongue is the ULTIMATE act of all sexual things, how come your wife isn't so thrilled with you that she can't get enough of it??? You KNOW how to give her everything she wants, obviously your wife sure don't want it, so maybe your technique is lacking, but you just plain don't want to admit that this could be YOUR fault.

You can give the new lady everything she ever wanted, while you are so desperately in love with your wife, that you can't leave her. Ok, where are you going to be for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, New Years, holidays, special days, that your lady on the side wants to be with you? Could it be you are home with the wife and family?? Your lady is sitting home alone, wishing you were there? How about vacations, can you just tell the wife and family, sorry I have to take a vacation with my lady friend I will be back in about a week or 10 days, and do this consistently thru the years. I would say NOT. So just what are you giving this lady that YOU call "everything" Your sex? you pop in when you can for sexual relief. Then home to the wife and family. You take the lady friend out for dinner sometimes, but NOT anywhere near home, where you MAY be recognized and caught. If your lady friend wants to go out NOW, can you spontaneously grant her wish and drop everything and go? You are going to buy her gifts? Ok, like what? you think spending cash isn't going to be noticed by the wife? you sure can't charge lingerie that the wife doesn't get. So, lets, hear what "EVERYTHING" is you are going to give to this lady on the side that is to HER benefit.

Now, Ladies, are you also, in the category of "a little extra padding" that translates to your appearance is that of a Green Bay Packer, so when the gentleman who you have been chatting with finally meets you, and you are NOTHING like what you portrayed yourself as. Do you really think, that when the gentleman arrives, he isn't going to be shocked, surprised, or in a word, totally turned off!!! Honesty works the best, so there are NO hidden surpises.

I have heard so many horror stories from MEN, about women they met, not only here, but thru other sites, that when they finally had a one on one, they couldn't wait to run the other way due to the false impression they were given. Some down right lied about everything. Some said they were younger, and they were OLDER, like the men saying they are YOUNGER and are OLDER. Some looked and dressed inappropriately. Their body hygiene left a lot to be desired. Some were into it just for how much MONEY the gentleman had and could take care of her or give to her. I grant you we ladies would love to look and be younger than we are, but telling some younger man we are 10, 15 years YOUNGER than we are, and we don't even look it, come on, do you really think a young handsome fella, who like the younger woman, can have their pick of ladies being satisfied meeting some older woman than expected. Do you really think if they do stick around out of good manners, that you will have a second date?? Again, I am SURE there are SOME YOUNGER MEN, WHO LIKE OLDER WOMEN. But if you lie, expect to be treated rudely!!

Also, speaking for SOME, notice I did NOT SAY ALL, older women, we do NOT enjoy, appreciate or even WANT, emails from men who are 20 and 30 years our JUNIOR, that think we are sex starved, lonely women, just looking for a hot stud to service us. We don't want to "teach" you how to have sex. We don't give diplomas at the end of your lessons. Surprise, the older ladies also enjoy a gentleman they do NOT have to TEACH, but one who knows HOW to treat a lady as a lady!! and how to please a lady in the bedroom, without her giving him instructions.

Good manners courtesy, charm, and intelligence goes a long way to catching either male or female attention. Just because you are on a "DATING, OR SEX SITE" does not mean you leave those attributes at the door. MANY people on this SITE are NOT here strictly for SEX or to find a SEX PARTNER!!!. DO NOT ASSUME, they ARE. If that is the reason YOU are here, that is why someone elses is here.

If a lady/gentleman has height, weight, or appearance requirements, in her/his profile, DO NOT send them an email, if you do not fit the profile, and say, " well it don't bother me". OBVIOUSLY!!!! it bothers the writer or they WOULD NOT HAVE PUT IT IN THEIR PROFILE. So it really does not matter how YOU feel about it. What matters is how THEY feel about it.

Before you email someone, write it out, then sit back and READ what you wrote. Is it insulting? did you JUST HAVE to send someone an email, just to tell them they are nasty, a bitch, an asshole, a phucktard, based on what you read in THEIR profile? This email that YOU send, would you say those things to a person you were just meeting in real life, to a stranger? Do you think they really CARE about your insulting opinions?? Best of all folks, THIS IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOURSELF!!! THIS gives both men and women a pretty darn good idea of the kind of person YOU ARE. I guarantee you will NOT make any points, they will NOT change their profile because YOU don't like it, and they DEFINITELY will AVOID YOU like the plague, and you WILL get a very NASTY FLAMING EMAIL BACK. Was that YOUR purpose? Did you achieve what you wanted to at the end? Did you score? NOT!!!.

Reality folks, thats the key, just because our mothers told us we were beautiful, handsome, does not qualify!! they are predjuiced. Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes, that is what makes the world go around.

RESPECT others choices, and you will find that you are respected as well.


haversack_smith 41M
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6/4/2006 2:34 pm

(Hey, what's this blog doing on my second page?)

Once again Lady, you really hit the nail on the head. All this stuff should be obvious to everyone but it equally obviously isn't - people think they can get away with shortcuts, knocking off a year or two here, adding an inch or two there, and not thinking that people will be bothered by it. And as for the lamers that feel the need to flame people... well, I'm sure it makes them feel really big, pissing off people on an Internet site. Most likely they're weedy people with bad jobs who think their boss bullies them - they say the victim often turns into an abuser - and that's the only way they can get rid of their excess aggression.

There's a phrase I've seen a few people use on the advice-line lately: "we're all here for the same thing." It shows an attitude of such blinding ignorance I struggle to find the words to describe it.

Ladywithatti2d 77F  
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6/4/2006 7:00 pm

Ahh Haversack, the man of my dreams!! How did one so young (NOT an insult!) become as wise as the oldest wise man ever born?

Could we perhaps convince you to come to the Americas, and teach some of the very needy males here some manners!! The art of intelligent conversation, humor, and most of all, CHARM which you posess in aces. Ahh were I many, many years younger, I would be tempted to rent Noahs Ark, seeing as he isn't using it any more, and sail across the big pond just to meet you lol. I would row, but I doubt I would last that long!! and like who would want a female, with arms that are like Popeyes with muscles like THAT!!.

Thank you kind sir, for your many wise contributions to not only my blog, but Rdys, and others. You are indeed a rarity among men.

Listen up men out there, this is a gentleman, who definitely knows how to talk to and charm a lady, even when he isn't trying to.l


haversack_smith 41M
6192 posts
6/5/2006 1:59 am

Lady, if you're ever in my area of England, you must let me take you out for dinner. You're a terrific writer and you have a real insight into these matters and I can't think of many things better than to spend some time basking in your personality.

In the meantime, keep up the blogging and keep being yourself, because yourself is simply wonderful.

themisskrissy 57F
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6/7/2006 7:31 pm

another great post Lady!!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

bigknob1958 54M

6/11/2006 8:41 am

This particular post Lady ought to win an award of some kind,because it is one of the funniest I have ever read on this or any other site.Bravo for a virtuoso performance..well worth waiting for and well worth a read!!

JuicyBBW1001 56F

6/16/2006 8:38 am

Woohoo Lady ltns I am glad I found your blog.


turq6969 71M
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7/1/2006 9:54 pm

Words of wisdom from a lady who knows the game of life.

Peace and Love,

rm_hairpieguy37 80M
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7/29/2006 9:42 pm

Lady. Long, & involved, but you did in fact hit the nail on the head. There is one other little nagging thing I have noticed; all the older folks men&women, that put, 'younger looking, young acting, young & active.' I think that is a direct result of Marketing "youth," and that idea is world wide. I for example, am 69yo, I know I won't be riding ing the tour de france, or marathons, or the olympics. I am passed that, and am happy with what I do. But I don't try to compete with kids. not on the sports field, and certainly not in the bedroom(or back seat lol) My point? why the emphasis on "Young? Jeeeze it took me 69 years to get too here!roflmao OK out of here. Thank You for a great blog. I was redirected in my thoughts when I read the first part about us

Ladywithatti2d 77F  
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10/24/2006 9:19 pm

Sorry for the long hiatus, but I have been rather busy and unable to get back to my blog.

First off you sure are right Hairpieguy, "youth" is a very marketable item. If it weren't all those beauty products that make us older generation look like the younger generation would be out of business.

I never quite was able to grasp the "wonder" of youth. If anyone stops and thinks about it, the "youth" part was pretty painful for most people. The learning how to date, how to kiss, how to interact, and let's not forget the learning how to cope with rejection and getting our hearts broken when the light of our life informs us that we don't even make a shimer of light in theirs!!!.

Youth has it's own perks inasmuch as the energy levels, the anticipation that we can conquor the world and for some that they are invincible, only to discover that the bulk of that isn't accurate.

By the time they get to OUR age, we have learned so very much more and who would even WANT to go back to those early years and start all over again. Nope, I am quite happy with who I am and the age I am at. All ages have their own assets and drawbacks.

Our life is precisely what we make of it. We can either overcome, surpass or stagnate.

As for your query Lovespell, lol, I have no idea how I slid off your radar!! But I sure am glad you found me, I cannot tell you how very much I enjoy your posts! You are quite the lady.


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