Sex on Demand!!  

Ladywithatti2d 77F  
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2/18/2006 10:46 am

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4/13/2006 2:36 pm

Sex on Demand!!

Yep, sex on demand seems to be what some people really believe this site is all about. You just have to read some of the complaints in the Mag section where that comment has actually been made with exactly those words!!!. Of course they were complaining that they had NOT gotten that sex on demand that they believed was right here waiting for them.

People, come on now, do you REALLY believe that you can join a site, any site, and surf thru profiles, find one that you decide fits your wants for the minute, contact them and say "hey! your the one for the minute, get over here and deliver". If you do, I have a bridge to sell you in Arizona, on waterfront property.

I searched all over this website, and not one single spot did I read, see or even find anything at all that said, you are "guaranteed" to find your sexual fantasy, or delight just be being here. Gosh and for FREE even.

Apparently there are some men who believe that this site is a free brothel and the women who are here are just meat and a number waiting for their turn to come along. WRONG.

The men and women who are on here, are here for varied reasons. NONE of the women that I know who are not part of those catch ya sexual websites that you have to pay for are here just waiting for you to decide you want their sexual favor on demand.

Can men be so totally dumb, and thats a nice word for it to actually believe they can join here or elsewhere, send a usually insulting, demanding, boring, email to someone and expect them, in todays day of STD, to mention one risk, and walk out the door to meet you, especially to just have sex, or invite you into their home for a frolic, then you put your pants on, leave never to be heard of again?

Men are wired differently than women I agree. However, leaping into bed after "hello" I have to believe is not acceptable to any rational, educated, responsible person.

There has to be "attraction" on some level, be it looks, intelligence, humor, SOMETHING before a person will respond. There has to be some level of comfort, and curosity. The desire to get to KNOW someone a little bit.

If you are NOT willing to take the time to talk to a person. Find out who they are, what they like or enjoy, then you are the exact sort of person that believes they can knock on a door, walk in drop their pants, and expect a wet, willing wating woman dying for just what your got. The minute you are finished, and it usually only takes a few minutes!! with those people, then pull up your pants, and leave without even saying thank you. Then I would ask, what the hell drugs are you on?? Or, what planet did you fall off of.

NO ONE, is going to do that, not men and not women. If a woman behaved like that, the men would immediately label her a slut and not worth a pinch of salt for anything else. On the other hand the male would be the Alpha Male, the great STUD one more time.

Be real people. The key word there is PEOPLE, you know HUMANS, with feelings, emotions, ideals. Either that or grow up and realize everything in this world is NOT about YOU, your PENIS, and SEX. You will find youself getting a lot farther if you behave in a well mannered fashion without stupid expectations regardless of the SITE.

Look it up folks, yes, this IS a sex site. BUT!!!! in huge letters it says AdultFriendFinder. In one other section it really DOES SAY,
FIND YOUR SOUL MATE. That does not translate to find your screw of the minute. It also uses the word FRIEND!!!! Try it, you may find you like it.


rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/19/2006 8:13 am

Some people just dont get it!!!!

Purry {=}


rm_OneHappyDad 83M
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2/26/2006 10:40 pm

Believe it, and rest assured, that there are men in this world who are real, are interested in the well-being of women, are trustworthy, considerate, and willing to be gentle and patient in developing a good relationship before wanting to risk their health and sanity. We refuse to get sexually involved before knowing as much as possible about a woman - both physically and mentally. Why should we be reckless and idiotic ?

rdy2try4 53F  
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3/24/2006 5:45 pm

I don't think that we doubt there are good guys in this world. It is just that it is totally ignorant and frustrating the assholes in the world. I can't tell you how many guys I *thought* I was attracted to...till they opened their mouths. Then after a hello..."wanna suck me off" comes out. As if I should be flattered that they offered me a dick and to get *them* off and that their disgusting tasting semen is a special treat for me to gag on. What do I get from it other than that?? Not a damned thing. If I was in a caring relationship I might get the satisfaction of pleasing someone that *pleases me*, but to do this with a total stranger is nothing more than as Surreystunner wrote once, "reducing us to mere machines to get men off in a selfish, effortless sex act for them." Trust me, sitting on my knees gagging is NOT a turn on. Men that think so little of me as to go straight for sex after hello as if I was that mindless machine is a total turn off.

Do I want to have sex? Absolutely. Do I want to do it and feel dirty or degraded and worthless afterwards? Absolutely NOT. If you guys only knew how many chances you blew with this ignorant moronic mentality you would lay on the floor and scream. Trust me, a few days of chat to get where you want or at least a better chance at it is better than 100 days of nothing because you want it immediately.

rm_nycfrolic 67M
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4/8/2006 6:00 am

I like your posts....right on the mark (well except that there might actually be some people that like the outrageous things). Like, I had a friend who used to walk down the streets of Georgetown, and ask any woman that he found "sexy" (purely phyisical right?), if she wanted to fuck ....just straight out. He got a yes 1 in 10 times. Outrageous, but he could do it and he did

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