Maybe I'm Amazed.......  

Ladyblue85 59F
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11/15/2005 4:33 pm

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3/16/2006 6:28 pm

Maybe I'm Amazed....... how confused people really are. Some people are here for pure sex, some for friends and/or dating, all maybe hoping to find a soulmate. It seems some are confused in what they are looking for --- and it's obvious in how they approach their profiles.

I am amazed how the married guys, while I have to give them credit for admitting they are married, will state in their profiles that they are looking for a long-term relationship .... ok? Will the wife know?? Do u acutally mean a long-term "something" on the side? I met more than one guy who stated they were married and "had nothing to hide" -- ok, will u introduce me to your wife and kids?? And then there's the profiles that state: "happy with my life, just looking for something a little different." Uh, well if ur wife is not giving u want u want or need, even with just sex, can u call that HAPPY WITH UR LIFE?? I saw one married-guy profile state that he longs for someone to have mind-blowing sex and then wake up next to each other and do it all over again. Umm, ok, but anytime I've been involved with a married guy, whether a few days or few months, there ain't ever been a chance to fall asleep together, esp. overnight! Wife always calls looking for him or he has to get home at a certain time. And no matter what they say about making their own schedules for meeting -- NOT TRUE! Its always morning/afternoon sex because its the only times they can hide from the spouses and pretend to be working. ANd even at that, when that cellphone rings, he better answer it or else..... Sorry, I like evening sex!

I am amazed how many (male) profiles state they are looking for a soulmate, LTR, or exclusive sexual relationship with some, yet want a no-strings friendship. Seems to me that is a fancy come-on for: he wants sex with you when HE wants it, would like you to be available when HE is ready to get laid and expects you to drop whatever ur doing and get naked...... then take off and go be with his friends usually immediately after. YET this is not to be considered a normal relationship.

I am amazed how several people can read one profile and see it as meaning something completely different from what man intended. I have learned to read between the lines of what is written. Many men contradict themselves right in their profiles. Maybe its the writer in me picking up on tiny points or the way something is worded.... they write to me, I check their profiles; then when i say I am not what they're looking for, they get upset.

I am amazed how, since I have re-written my profile recently.... it seems to attract more married men... and I state I am looking for a possible relationship. ??? Color me confused.

I am amazed that I know a couple of guys for several months: we have IM relationships, and I would really like to meet them in person, for something normal like lunch to get to know each other in person. There is one I would really like to meet and possibly have a normal dating relationship with, yet he just doesnt "get it".
We chat off and on thruout the day from his job. I think I scare him, lol. I have even asked him if I say anything too forward or embarrass him. He says no. He looks forward to chatting with me everyday. He has since left the sight , finding nothing here, except me, all fake ads or people not responding at all.

It amazes me that a few other guys I chat with want me to be exclusive FOR them, yet DO NOT want to consider a relationship with me as dating. ???
They too have left or are in the process of leaving the site.

Yet I have recently been talking with someone not too long out of marriage that tells me men want their freedom. Well from my point of view: what women consider freedom is completely different from a man's point of view. From what I have seen and experienced... a man's "freedom" is the ability to come and go as they please, whenever they please, answer to no one and not have to have responsibility for anyone's feelings or emotions.

I AM AMAZED !! I try to make it plain that I am not looking to get married -- with what i have been thru over the past several years, I really dont know if i ever want to get married again.
Hell yeah, I would love my FREEDOM of living alone and being responsible for no one but myself and my animals. All I am looking for is ONE friend to do things with on occasion and have a sexual relationship with, that is, not out screwing other people -- if it turns into something possibly permanant, fine. Sure, I would like someone to pamper me at times to show appreciation for being a good friend, because I do the same -- not be treated like a whore passing in the night.

I feel I have a lot to offer to a guy when in a "dating" relationship; sure sexual compatability is one thing, but is it too much to expect an occasional meal or movie?? I have been thru too many of the guys who would pick me up for a "date" and turn it into a sex date. Well hell, I get hungry, ya know?

So here I sit..... no longer expecting to find or looking for what i want, maybe I'm just amazed..........

rm_candy477 62M
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11/18/2005 11:47 am

well you need someone to cheer you up you sound down in the dumps .I feel for you .Don't forget live is to short make the best of it wether his is not the greatest looking but makes you feel good and has a good personality. maybe your looking to hard ,slow down and take a look around and say i have my health i'am alive people think i'am funny.Keep your chin high beacouse there is always someone in worse shape. mark

rm_art_persists 53M
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11/26/2005 4:24 pm

I think we should all be more clear with our expectations. Am currently adjusting my profile...

tygercat2 45M

1/2/2006 7:21 pm

I thought I was pretty straightforward in my profile, but a lot of people just read what they want to see.

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