I will NOT touch myself tonight!!!  

Ladyblue85 59F
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10/14/2005 8:09 pm

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3/16/2006 6:29 pm

I will NOT touch myself tonight!!!

So it's another exciting Friday night.... weather sucks big time. Starting to get horny lately but unfortunately still had stitches in my mouth from surgery almost two weeks ago. And damn it's been about 3 weeks! So being bored, after dinner, back upstairs to the computer and t.v., flipped my chair over and spent 30 minutes watching Martha Stewart (it's a good thing! lol ) while i took the 5 wheels of my chair and cut the impacted golden retriever hair out of them! lol WOW! with excitement like that...... played a few games of canasta on pogo.... browsed who's online --- twice. In between trying to get hold of a guy i met on here who lives a few mintues from me. I've known Fred since beginning of the year, but we never got around to meeting cuz of one schedule or another. Left him several messages on IM and e-mail, u know, the harrassing kind, LOL . Wandered into the bathroom and took the stitches out of my mouth myself -- easier than going back to Herr Doktor on monday. Come back and sent Fred another message asking if he has plans for tomorrow night. NEED TO GET ME SOME SOON!! Plus he has a couple little abandoned kitties he took in, trying to find homes for. So if he lets me play with his pussies, he can play with mine! ROTFLMFAO!!
Didnt have possible plans for getting laid till maybe Tuesday -- that may fall thru on John's end. And have plans to meet next friday with one of my firefighters from Boston -- excited to finally to get to meet him since he'll be out my way on business. So if Tuesday falls thru, I think i just might explode if i have to wait till next friday!! oh lord! I discovered a "minor" problem this past week..... and I'm hoping its just all the stress I'm dealing with --- tried to get myself off two different times with my stand-in b.f., Mr Shower Massage! LOL Was almost to that SWEET point several times but just didnt work. Whats up with that??? And just two nights ago, tried with a vibrator....no go again?? whats up with THAT???
AND i am so frigging horny!! Think i just been spoiled by a couple of my regular guys who I havent seen in a while. SO WHERE THE HELL IS FRED!!! think i just need a man's touch, fingers, tongue --- Oooooooo !! and cock. And Fred is one of those who has been here about 6 months, nice looking guy, nice body and had nice cock pics..... and the only luck he has had was callgirls and porn site invites. So desperately hoping to hookup with Freddie AND HE'S LOCAL! YEA!! wish me luck! xoxoxo

Hobbes1025 47M

10/14/2005 9:43 pm

Here is some "luck".., hopes it's better for then it has been for me.

Hobbes1025 47M

10/14/2005 9:44 pm

That would have been: "Hope it's better for you, than it has been for me."

MrSuperman9 50M  
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10/21/2005 6:13 pm

Well now if it's local you want it's local you can have....
Just have to define what local is....
To me local is called Earth (ha ha)
Is 32.3456 minutes to far away from you??

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