Alone again on a saturday night............  

Ladyblue85 59F
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3/11/2006 4:16 pm
Alone again on a saturday night............

.... well, not bad enough I have recently had the hardest time emotionally the past two weeks... but got stood up twice this week... and tonight, possibly a third time. Sorry guys, but if u tell me YES, make plans then don't call one way or the other, a girl gets rather fucking pissed! See why I'm backing off this site???

Today has just been so hard...I just want company: a movie, lay in bed with me and just watch t.v...... get a room and be naked. Sometimes a person just needs another body close by for comfort.

I just came back from an aimless ride.... ended up next town over, and just sat on an overlook to the river.....of course, after 30 mins. i notice the sign, PARK CLOSED AFTER DARK. HAA! I am a rebel and I've seen Bad Girls on COPS. And since it was too dark to even watch the river otters, I came back.

And instead of staying home, thinking of just going to a movie by myself.... now that's a sad thought.

I was going to use this weekend to do what would possibly be my last blog....... maybe later.

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