Part 2: I do not believe......  

Ladyblue802 59F
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4/25/2006 1:31 pm
Part 2: I do not believe......

( posted 11/11/05)

when a guy tells me I am attractive or sexy, etc.
I always suspect ulterior motives -- yeah, i understand 99% of men are dogs and will cheat any chance they get --- THAT i can deal with. Or say anything to get laid.

I came back to AdultFriendFinder a year ago for friendship, companionship and yes, sex, friends w/bennies. I have two i can think of offhand that I consider "friends".... one 10 years younger, we talk, fool around, he's attentive in the fact he'll go out of his way to give me massages cuz I've had a bad day. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately??), I am not attracted to him in an emotional way that might lead to a relationship.
The 2nd guy, married, lives at a distance that makes seeing each other very difficult, however, we IM all the time about anything. He is polite, appreciates my friendship (and I his), both are attracted to each other and agree if we were close we'd be fucking-fools! He knows I respect the fact he has a family that comes first (his decision to want to stay with wife and family, even if it's not the ideal for him), I respect what he does for a living, etc. He is someone I probably would like to have a normal relationship with if he was single. We know our boundaries and if the time were to come where we could no longer have a sexual relationship, he is someone I would want to still have as a friend.
so what's wrong with the other 100 or so I have met, chatted with, etc, thru here? Beats the shit outta me.
A few I ended up getting feelings for couldnt handle the stress "I" was dealing with in my situation and bailed on me. Sorry, we all have baggage to deal with, and when it's in ur face 24/7, a few good friends are the only stress release i may have --- short of my bottle of vodka. I would REALLY rather NOT have to have that shit I am forced to put with up with -- but for some reason, life keeps kicking the shit outta me. There just comes a time where u have to ask, why keep getting up??

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