I'm in a mood.......  

Ladyblue802 59F
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4/25/2006 5:33 pm

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5/6/2006 2:56 pm

I'm in a mood.......

(originally posted 4/3/06)

for writing and screaming and bitch-slapping everyone and anyone who gets in my way and pisses me off even a tad.... yeah, i said TAD!

I just spent all day doing errands, paying bills for someone else, enjoying the solitude of having the house to myself still........ then got on a roll to completely move furniture (with a herniated disk no less)....... popped a few CD's into my stereo and got to cleaning...... took less than a half hour before the stress of everything once again hit me. So there I was dusting and climbing and cleaning and crying........ yeah, we tough bitches on AdultFriendFinder cry, some more than others.

I've been trying to write a blog about what's been going on lately in my life, not only to vent but show people what I am going thru, and hope someone will read and understand why I no longer have patience for assholes in my life. THAT blog has been hard to do because it will basically put me "out there" more naked and exposed than the guys from here have seen me in person.

Like I've said many times before, when i first came back here about 18 months ago, I started with a nice profile...... it has changed now at least 12 times. I've had several guys finally had the courage to tuck their testicles and write to me, always say they like how up front I am, yet afraid to approach.... well great, I always think a little fear in men is a good thing. I'm at the point in life, in every aspect of it, that I don't give a flying fuck what someone thinks about me...... I am who I am, body, soul , heart and emotion BECAUSE of what I have had to live through in my life. I am always up front about what I am about and what I am dealing with in my personal life. If you like me enough to want to be a friend or have the balls to stick around for a relationship, great --- you will not find a better friend than moi' .

But i digress......... in the cleaning/crying session today, because of some things that recently occured, I got to thinking about all the shit people say that piss me off, especially before they know me well. And yes, I'm mostly talking about men. The list is random, and I'm sure more will come to mind later:

1. I love it when a man says, "I'm not like the other guys......" THATS the first sign u are. Don't say it, show it with actions. THAT phrase just makes me believe u are trying to pull a fast one right away.
2. Do NOT EVER tell me, "Things can only get better........." Long story there --- watch for the other blog soon.
3. Do not EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put down my hobby of showing dogs.......... I have been involved in it since 1979....... it is not a sport that one can make $$$$ in. It is a hobby. The ONLY one that has kept me sane at times, and yes, I'll even state it here, stopped me from suicide at times.
4. DON'T tell me u want someone who can communicate on a wide variety of subjects, express feelings in a relationship, etc......... then tell me, "You're giving me too much detail when u talk.... it's overloading my brain (or I can't follow everything)." Uh, isn't that like telling me to shut the fuck up??? ( I am a writer, I talk like I would write, WITH DETAILS. Didn't think making myself clear was a problem.)
4a. Yeah, it's related to the above statement ----- Do NOT ever tell me in any way, shape or form, if I say something about a problem going on that is upsetting me, "....you know, it's good to talk but sometimes a person gets sick of hearing about it........" (Ok, picture my fractured jaw hitting the floor!)
5. DO NOT start lecturing ME about god (and I mean ANY god) if I say I don't believe in god. I have my reasons......... and I usually keep them to myself, because I have never believed in forcing anyone's belief's or non-belief's onto another. If u ask me why I do not believe and I tell you, just shut the fuck up and end it there, ok?? Unless I ask what u believe in and why , just zip it.
6. NEVER EVER make fun of my beliefs/feelings related to animals. Again long story, but if u can't see MY compassion in what I love or believe in, I don't need u in my life.

I'm sure there are more statements that piss me off........ but by the phrase at the end of this....... if a man does not understand what it means..... he has no business trying to bullshit me into any of his lines.

"Touch my mind, you gain my interest......
Touch my heart, you gain my love.....
Touch my soul, you gain passion beyond your wildest dreams.....
And once you have all three, you have a soul mate for eternity!"

Musicmanforevr 79M
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4/25/2006 9:32 pm

I am entirely in agreement with you! There's so many dipshits out there. And every time you think you've seen the "King of Idiots", just as sure as hell, here comes another one to top it. People aways get pissed at me because I go into so much detail....well, hell, it's the only way I know how to explain things. I'm so sorry that I'm trying to paint a clear picture......no, I'm not...
Oh, Ladyblue802....I'm not like the other guys.....

Ladyblue802 59F

4/27/2006 7:10 am

Luv2Lickpussy59 58M
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4/28/2006 6:19 pm

You know you just need to get fucked real good and enjoy yourself I'm not here to judge you we all go through our bullshit in life, figure it out and go on with it you live yours and I will live mine and we can be happy..Fuck all the other crap I'm not here either to impress anyone but me and so long as I'm happy fuck the rest of it..you wanna fuck?

Ladyblue802 replies on 4/29/2006 7:39 am:
Gee, with a romantic response like that, just throw in some flowers and a poem and I'll be yours forever!

johnnyd52006 57M

5/1/2006 1:35 pm

I'm glad to see you recovered your past blogs! Keep writing!

Ladyblue802 59F

5/1/2006 3:29 pm

Thank you, Johnny..... glad u kept in touch.

pandoo5 61M
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5/4/2006 11:20 am

Hello how are you madam, this flower is for you, I believe in one flower and thats rose, its soft like lips and carry the smell right in mind, mind like it and start thinking means interest started, if you are still reading it means heart is not to far and you know love is ladder to climb with passion and dreams, oh soul is warm I feel her in my arms, did you hear door bell please check it some one is out there, I love 4 lines in the end and here is your rose.

intimatekisser2 60M
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5/4/2006 10:13 pm

hold each other as if it were your last time together
tell each other you love them with all of your heart
then let them go to make and leave their mark in the world
when they come back, share what you learned from those times away with an open heart and mind
this time it is for you
hopefully, it will make you smile
I wrote that for something else and I though that I share it with you
I can't speak for anyone else but myself
I would like to learn how to show dogs. could you send me a web site to go to
it sounds like you need a hug in your message
I am sorry that I can not be there to give you one
venting is good when someone listens, understands, and is not hurt personally by it,

Capital Area, New York

somethingelse40 76M
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5/6/2006 11:09 am

Cinco de Mayo, huh? ………. Eh? ……….

But ah, the mood is fickle, my liege, ...

fickle as a pickle in mayo in heat …

pubertian symbiosis

Just one of those damn moods, huh? ………. Eh? ……….

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